Karen Gadd

Karen Gadd
As the founder of Oxford Creativity, Karen has been teaching TRIZ for twenty years in companies such as ABB, Airbus, BAE Systems, Bentley, Borealis, BNFL and many more. Karen has selected and trained all the Oxford Creativity workshop leaders and developed all the Oxford Creativity materials. She is also the author of the world renowned book, 'TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving'.
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What is TRIZ?

Posted by Karen Gadd on 23 Aug 2023 In TRIZ

If only TRIZ was as universal as brainstorming perhaps then many more difficult problems might get resolved faster. Brainstorming is great, BUT is often quite hit and miss, which means it only works well about half the time, especially when there are challenges which are too tough or complex to be solved by brainstorming alone.

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Bite Sized Blog: Solving Contradictions with TRIZ

Posted by Karen Gadd on 2 Aug 2023 In Contradictions

Most people were horrified by the late Stockton Rush’s declaration that "certification / safety is the ‘enemy of innovation”.  TRIZ people know that the contradiction of innovation vs. safety is not hopeless, as all its known answers can be found in the 40 Inventive Principles. 

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TRIZ is like Chess or Golf; Not Hard to Master, Always Fun

Posted by Karen Gadd on 26 Apr 2022 In

TRIZ is like many activities - the more we practice the better and faster we get, although talent is a factor, everyone can excel at TRIZ. Many find that TRIZ is a joy as it boosts brain power so we think more clearly and find the fastest ways to innovative, sustainable solutions. Getting started with Oxford TRIZ is straightforward and easy if you want to become a Master it's like chess or golf - just do it - as often as possible. 

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Brave, Resourceful & Clever beats even the Biggest Bullies

Posted by Karen Gadd on 8 Apr 2022 In TRIZ, Problem Solving

Terrifying problems need a fast response with the cleverest solutions. This is true whether it’s a global problem like defending Ukraine or a local one of a child or adult being bullied.

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Hone your TRIZ skills for 2022 – is a new world emerging?

Posted by Karen Gadd on 20 Jan 2022 In TRIZ, Problem Solving, Covid-19

Is 2022 offering us all an important, innovative moment in history to get things better? We all need to respond intelligently to the new 2022 opportunities and move surely in the right directions. I hope TRIZ will help us to avoid false starts, dead ends and time-wasting trial and error, as following its logical steps points us towards the best, sustainable answers.

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Innovation Beyond BS

Posted by Karen Gadd on 31 Aug 2021 In Problem Solving, Brainstorming, innovation

What does Innovation beyond BS mean to you? I coined the phrase in despair when yet another team thought a more effective BRAIN STORMING (BS) method was all they needed to achieve innovation.

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How Using Shorter Words Makes you Cleverer

Posted by Karen Gadd on 11 Aug 2021 In TRIZ, Knowledge

Beware of using words, acronyms or abbreviations which you don’t understand – or have forgotten the meaning of – one word can lose you your hard won credibility.

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How to Deal Efficiently with Anything - Even Annoying Partners & Colleagues!

Posted by Karen Gadd on 1 Jun 2021 In Relationships, Online learning

When I remarked to my husband that the whole Oxford Creativity team were working very hard, his (extremely annoying!) response was "work smart not hard". After 44 years of marriage I know such infuriating comments need logical reactions, so I calmly pointed out that TRIZ delivers the ultimate world beating way of ‘working smart’

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The Two Ways to Learn Oxford TRIZ Online and Why you Might Need Both

Posted by Karen Gadd on 12 May 2021 In Insider, Online learning

There are two ways to learn the fundamentals of Oxford TRIZ online. Both take about 10 hours - Oxford TRIZ Live Fundamental Problem Solving, takes place over 5-days and Oxford TRIZ Fundamentals eLearning can be taken at your own pace and in your own time.You can learn with one or even better both for a perfect blended learning package

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Why the Post Covid World needs Innovative Thinking

Posted by Karen Gadd on 12 Apr 2021 In TRIZ, Coronavirus

The new reality – our new post Covid world will be different in good and bad ways. What we see as the new good will depend on our circumstances and experiences. But whatever our past we all need to contribute to the best possible future; this will need clarity of options and ways to recognise and agree solutions which we can all implement and benefit from - all of which TRIZ can provide.

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