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About our case studies

We  are known for the high quality of our training, innovation and consultancy services provided in-house to customers. We have successfully embedded TRIZ capability in many major global companies from a wide range of industries including food, aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, pharmaceutical, and nuclear. Among our clients are Rolls-Royce, Sanofi, MBDA, SBM, Saint Gobain and BAE Systems.

Confidentially is very important to many of our customers and we always respect that. We are very grateful to our customers who are happy to share their TRIZ success stories below.

Case Studies 

Sanofi: How they increased sales from $1.5 billion to $6 billion in 6 years

Screenshot 2019-06-19 at 11.53.08Find out how Oxford Creativity and TRIZ helped Sanofi implement Sustainable Innovation and achieve extraordinary revenue growth.

Industrial Fire Alarms: How they improved their product and cut costs by 50%

firealarmFind out how Oxford Creativity and TRIZ helped this company implement Sustainable Innovation, improving their existing product whilst cutting manufacturing costs by 50%

Highways England & A-one+: using TRIZ to complement their LEAN successes and speed up problem-solving 

he-logo-200pxLearn how Highways England and A-one+ used Oxford TRIZ to complement their LEAN successes, by solving three complex problems in just three-days. 

20 Years of TRIZ in BAE Systems: learn how to embed TRIZ in a global company


BAE Systems have been using TRIZ for over 20 years. This Case Study examines the challenges of embedding TRIZ in a global company and how to overcome them.

Buckinghamshire County Council: how they used TRIZ to both significantly cut costs and increase revenue

bucks-logoHow Buckinghamshire County Council responded to the 2011 Comprehensive Spending Review, which called for sweeping cuts across County Councils.


My Year with TRIZ: I no longer remember how I used to problem solve

oxlogo-rect-borderDr. Heather Kitts, Head of Business Application and Data Architecture for IT Services at the University of Oxford tells us how she successfully introduced TRIZ as she 'wanted my team of architects to have a common language and a shared set of tools to go to when faced with tricky problems'.

Business person having an bright idea light bulb concept