Buckinghamshire County Council

How the Legal and Democratic Services Department used Oxford TRIZ to save their jobs and earn money

When Buckinghamshire County Council had their budget cut they planned on axing the Legal and Democratic Services and outsourcing their work, until the LDS called in Oxford Creativity. Download this case study to find out how using Oxford TRIZ saved the department...

 Download the case study here  

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Solving Business Problems with Oxford TRIZ

Questions Answered 

  • How can TRIZ help both cut costs and increase revenue?
  • Which TRIZ Tools were used in this process?
  • How did BCC use TRIZ to respond to the sweeping Comprehensive Spending Review cuts?

This case study consists of a single page summary which will help you quickly gain an understanding of the problem and solution and the full case study with more details of the TRIZ tools used and how they were applied. 

What can you learn from this case study?

  • A detailed analysis of how BCC used TRIZ to solve their really difficult problems 
  • How using Oxford TRIZ stopped the Bucks Council from outsourcing despite a councillor saying "Nothing can stop us outsourcing this work"
  • The TRIZ tools used and how they helped
  • An in-depth look at one of the most successful solutions Oxford Creativity have ever implemented 
  • How TRIZ tools deliver structured improvement

How will this benefit you? 

  • Learn how TRIZ can help you to both cut costs and increase revenue
  • Find out how to apply TRIZ tools to complex, non-technical business problems
  • Understand how a clear action plan can be quickly achieved with Oxford TRIZ 
  • Gain a fast understanding of the problem's overview and the solution proposed with our single page summary then explore the TRIZ tools in more detail in the full case study

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Download the Case Study Here