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    Buckinghamshire County Council

    How they used TRIZ to both significantly cut costs and increase revenue 

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    TRIZ Level: Brain 

    Questions Answered 

    • Why can TRIZ help both cut costs and increase revenue?
    • How did BCC use TRIZ to respond to the sweeping Comprehensive Spending Review cuts?
    • Which TRIZ Tools were used in this process?

    What can you learn from this case study?

    • A detailed analysis of how BCC used TRIZ to solve their really difficult problems 
    • The TRIZ tools used and how they helped
    • How TRIZ tools deliver structured improvement

    How will this benefit you? 

    • Learn how TRIZ can help you to both cut costs and increase revenue
    • Learn how TRIZ tools can be applied to complex problems
    • Understand how a clear action plan can be quickly achieved with Oxford TRIZ 
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    Download the Case Study Here