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Oxford Creativity's free webinars on TRIZ are popular with global audiences as they are fun, easy to understand and give a brief introduction to the TRIZ tools and processes.

Our live 'topic' webinars are designed to give everyone the opportunity to learn more about TRIZ from the comfort of their desk.

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Oxford TRIZ Live webinars usually take place each month
10.30am GMT/BST or 2pm GMT/BST

Each topic webinar runs for a total duration of 30-45 minutes. 

Before attending a topic webinar, we advise viewing our on-demand Welcome to TRIZ video to give you a quick view of TRIZ and the tools and processes for innovative problem solving.

Tuesday 19 November 2019,10.30am GMT

TRIZ & Root Cause Analysis

Find out what Oxford TRIZ adds to Root Cause Analysis and other toolkits. RCA without TRIZ generally tracks causes or predicts problems or failures but does not solve problems. See how TRIZ takes us beyond brainstorming to the best answers.

Location: Live Webinar: Free

Wednesday 11 December 2019,2pm GMT

TRIZ & Trimming

TRIZ even helps festivals like Christmas. 5 years ago, Karen Gadd vastly improved her Christmas experience when she TRIMMED out all its expense, and worry by applying the 6 TRIZ 'Trimming' Rules. Find out why all TRIZ problem solving begins by Trimming, guiding us to keep all good functions while eliminating all bad, expensive or harmful elements.

Location: Live Webinar: Free


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