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Oxford TRIZ Live webinars usually take place each month
10.30 or 14:00 (UK Time)

Each webinar runs for a total duration of 40-60 minutes.

23 April 10.30am (UK Time)

Introduction to TRIZ

In this fast-paced and lively webinar with lots of interaction and opportunity for Q&A, Karen Gadd explains the tools and processes of this powerful toolkit. Plus, all the benefits of learning TRIZ and how to use it for problem solving and stimulating creativity and innovation.

Location: Live Webinar. Free.

22 May 10.30am (UK Time)

Oxford TRIZ & Root Cause Analysis & Other Toolkits

Root Cause Toolkits are important in many industries, however without TRIZ Root Cause Toolkits generally only predicts failures but does not solve problems - this is often left to brainstorming. Sign-up to this webinar to learn how Oxford TRIZ takes us beyond brainstorming to the best answers.

Location: Live Webinar. Free. 


On-demand Webinars

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Oxford Creativity offers a series of free on-demand webinars to download and watch whenever is convenient for you.

Location: Anytime, any place, anywhere. Free.

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