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What is TRIZ?

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About our training

Oxford Creativity’s greatest success has been the development of a unique and effective Oxford TRIZ™ training programme which uses our signature workshop-style that can help anyone learn TRIZ fast, and to be effective and self-sufficient in TRIZ problem solving in the minimum possible time .

All our Oxford TRIZ Experts have 10-20 years of TRIZ problem solving experience, working with blue chip companies primarily in Europe and also throughout the rest of the world. As well as training courses, we specialise in corporate problem solving  - which is over 80% of our output.

Oxford TRIZ courses


Online courses

Want to learn from the comfort of your own desk? We currently teach our Oxford TRIZ Live courses online at the Oxford TRIZ Academy in just 10 hours.

We will also be launching other online courses later this year, so watch this space!

8 – 12 February 2021 | 12 – 16 July 2021

The Full TRIZ Tools & Problem Solving toolkit

An intense and effective 5-day TRIZ  training course, delivered in Oxford Creativity’s unique workshop style featuring extensive interactive exercises. This flagship programme helps anyone learn TRIZ, plus become effective and self-sufficient in TRIZ problem solving, in the minimum possible time.
Location: Egrove Park, Saїd Business School, Oxford, UK

29 - 30 March 2021

TRIZ for Business

This training course is the antidote to all who say TRIZ is solely for the technical community. Our unique Oxford TRIZ tools and processes have been developed specifically to use for solving general business and organisational problems.  This 2-day course distils understanding and using TRIZ -  into a fast-paced course that stimulates creative thinking for individuals, teams and businesses...

Location: Egrove Park, Saїd Business School, Oxford, UK

10 - 11 May 2021

Patent Development with TRIZ

Looking to develop and extend your patent strategy and deliver stronger patents? This invaluable 2-day course follows on from the one-day 'Fast Track Introduction to TRIZ' course and gives inventors, engineers, scientists and patent professionals the essential TRIZ tools and processes they can use to derive greater value from intellectual property.
Location:  Egrove Park, Saїd Business School, Oxford, UK

10 -12 May 2021

Developing Products & Patents with TRIZ

An exciting, informative and invaluable 3-day course that will give inventors, engineers, scientists and patent professionals the tools with which to derive greater value from intellectual property. TRIZ is unique in that it is based upon patent analysis, so the TRIZ Tools are perfectly suited to circumvent and strengthen patents. 
Location: Egrove Park, Saїd Business School, Oxford, UK

Engineering Problem Solving with Oxford TRIZ : How to tackle Tough Challenges

For experienced TRIZ users (who have completed Technical TRIZ training) who need to understand and learn more about how to resolve difficult issues, both individually and in teams. We show you how to be self sufficient in TRIZ problem solving, and how to share and apply this knowledge. 

Location: Oxfordshire

Fast Track Introduction to TRIZ

This fast-paced one-day course delivers an overview of the TRIZ tools, the Oxford TRIZ problem solving process, the logical fundamentals of creative problem solving and innovative thinking. You'll learn and use the TRIZ tools for solving contradictions, developing IP and new products,  and those for understanding and mapping problems and solutions.
Location: Oxfordshire

Technical TRIZ

A powerful 3-day course primarily for those with technical expertise – engineers, scientists, IT and software professionals, senior technical managers – and all problem solvers. This programme delivers fast track TRIZ learning for accurately mapping requirements, and then matching them to the best, intelligent and cost-effective solutions. You will learn all the essential elements of Oxford TRIZ in this interactive workshop.
Location: Oxfordshire

Advanced TRIZ

This 2-day course is the key to acquiring practical and rapid problem solving skills. You’ll use individual problem-solving competence in workshop scenarios to apply the Oxford TRIZ tools to any kind of real world problem. Plus take home Oxford Creativity’s unique knowledge sharing strategies for delivering TRIZ in practice in the workplace.
Location: Oxfordshire


Introduction to TRIZ courses:
Oxford TRIZ in partnership with engineering institutions

Due to Covid-19 these courses have temporarily been put on hold, please check back later for 2021 dates

IET: Fast Track Introduction to TRIZ


Oxford Creativity delivers this one-day Introduction to TRIZ in partnership with the Institution of Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).  This fast-paced course features hands-on experience of the most commonly used TRIZ tools: the 40 Inventive Principles  - for solving contradictions, the Trends of Technical Evolution - for new products, Resources - for cost savings and Thinking in Time and Scale - for clear decision-making.

Locations: London, Bristol, Edinburgh UK
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