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Teaches clever people how to solve tough problems fast

Our unique Oxford TRIZ tools and processes have been re-developed and simplified from classical TRIZ, specifically to use for solving business and organisational problems and inspiring innovation.

This 3-day training distils understanding and use of TRIZ in a fast-paced course that stimulates innovation and creative thinking for individuals, teams and businesses.

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Course Overview


3-day Public Training Course


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£2,400 plus VAT (without accommodation) £2,700 plus VAT (with accommodation)

What benefits does this course deliver?

  • Oxford TRIZ capability will enable you to add innovation, problem-solving and good decision-making to your own skill-set
  • The 'Business Problem Solving' 3-day course explains exactly how & why TRIZ doesn’t have to be ‘just' for engineers or technical communities
  • You will learn these powerful  Oxford TRIZ thinking tools and systematic processes - Ideal Thinking, Standard Solutions, Time and Scale, 9 Boxes, Contradictions and TRIZ Function mapping
  • Shows that TRIZ thinking can help teams to work together to solve difficult challenges in all organisations and business. You will learn to:
    • Think clearly
    • Do more with less
    • Plan for the future
    • Get to the heart of messy, complex problems
    • Manage people and projects in uncertain times
    • Solve difficult problems

Course Materials

  • Printed versions of our unique OxfordTRIZ  materials - Guide to Standard Solutions, Guide to Solving Contradictions, Contradictions Matrix, TRIZ 40 Principles (both for technical and business problems), the 8 Trends of Evolution
  • A complimentary copy of 'TRIZ for Dummies' by Lilly Haines-Gadd (RRP £21.99)

What makes the course effective?

  • Oxford Creativity’s courses are delivered by two TRIZ experts in open, interactive workshops.
  • These use unique collaborative, hands-on exercises specifically designed during 20 years of TRIZ teaching to reinforce learning of the TRIZ tools, processes and problem solving skills
  • A highly stimulating, immersive and enjoyable learning experience
  • Benefiting from the full ‘Oxford Creativity Learning Experience’ 
  • 'TRIZ for Business' offers practical tools and new approaches that work on any kind of problem including management problems, personal development, marketing, continuous improvement, science, project planning, healthcare, social care...see below or click here to read the benefits Buckinghamshire Country Council found using TRIZ to save costs and increase income


On completion of this training, you will receive our certificate attaining TRIZ level 1 and 21 hours CPD.

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Who should book?

  • Managers
  • Continuous improvement experts
  • NHS professionals
  • Civil servants
  • Marketeers
  • HR professionals
  • Sales staff and managers
  • Knowledge managers
  • Consultants
  • Ecologists
  • Psychologists
  • Coaches and counsellors
  • Financial services advisors
  • Software developers

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