What is TRIZ?

TRIZ is the only Toolkit which Delivers Answers & Shows us the Best Routes Forward

Unique TRIZ gives us thinking tools, methods and processes which enable teams and individuals to always achieve fast and effective problem solving.
TRIZ logic demands that we have a clear idea of where we are going, and uniquely how to get there - years of Russian research uncovered there are only 100 known solutions to fundamental problems and made them universally available in the famous three TRIZ solution lists and the Effects Database.

TRIZ helps us keep detail in its place, to see the big picture and avoid getting tripped up with irrelevance, waylaid by trivial issues or seduced by premature solutions.


I use TRIZ because

The Origins of TRIZ



What is Oxford TRIZ?

Beginning in 1946 and still evolving, TRIZ was developed by the Soviet inventor Genrich Altshuller and his colleagues. TRIZ in Russian = Teoriya Resheniya Izobretatelskikh Zadatch or in English, The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. However it is not a Theory - it is a big toolkit consisting of many simple tools - most are easy to learn and immediately apply to problems. This amazing capability helps us tackle any problem or challenge even when we face difficult, intractable or apparently impossible situations. 

Developed by Oxford Creativity, Oxford TRIZ is simpler than standard or classic TRIZ. Its tools and processes are faster to learn and easier to apply. 

Oxford TRIZ is true to classical TRIZ (neither adding nor removing anything) but it delivers: 

Even more powerful results

A much faster and easier way to learn and apply TRIZ

Step-by-step processes for applying TRIZ toolkits

'At a glance' understanding, supported by our hallmark commissioned cartoons (from Clive Goddard)

Philosophy of making every session effective, efficient and fun

Fills in the gaps in other toolkits


TRIZ enthusiasts who have failed to use TRIZ effectively or to embed TRIZ into their organisations hail Oxford TRIZ as revelatory, often saying -

I now see how simple it all is ....with Oxford TRIZ I can now always deliver TRIZ problem solving

Problems Oxford Creativity has solved for our customers



Airdri is one of our new customers, unusually close to home in Oxford, who have TRIZ trained their engineers and successfully tackled two urgent problems with the Oxford TRIZ Experts.

One concerned redesigning a critical component for essential cost savings in a changing market, the other was development of a new code compliant detection product in response to a step change in Health and Safety regulations in USA.

For the Oxford TRIZ team,  it was exciting to help their dedicated engineers not only solve problems but also plan how to immediately implement and develop chosen solutions. Although one of our smaller clients Airdri‚Äôs success derives from their ability to punch way above their weight in their investment in new research and product development, innovation and best practice, keeping them at the forefront of technology in their markets - - building TRIZ Capability being a critical element in this.