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TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving 

Karen Gadd's book 'TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving' is published by Wiley Blackwell. It has been translated into 3 languages since its initial publication  - German, Hebrew and Korean. Karen is the founder and Managing Director of Oxford Creativity. 

TRIZ is a funny thing and the understanding of it is really the understanding of your own assumptions / constraints. I like the book and the structured approach it takes.

Amazon review, 2020

You will not get such a simple and clever application of TRIZ from any other book. Very, very practical book for Engineers who really want to use it, or even to test the value of TRIZ when applied correctly.

Amazon review, 2015

TRIZ for Dummies

Lilly Haines-Gadd's book, 'TRIZ for Dummies' is a fun & engaging introduction to TRIZ, illustrated with management examples and written in plain English. Lilly is a former Managing Director and shareholder of Oxford Creativity.

Packed with tons of accessible and easy-to-follow instruction, TRIZ For Dummies shows you how to use this powerful toolkit to discover all the ways of solving a problem, uncover new concepts and identify previously unseen routes for new product development.


Right or wrong, TRIZ has the reputation of being difficult to use. This book (TRIZ for Dummies ) does an excellent job of both introducing the reader to this powerful set of tools and demystifying their use. If you’re a fan of problem-solving methodology and don’t know TRIZ, you’ve just found the best  place to start.

Amazon review, 2016

Should be mandatory reading for all engineering students and all working engineers.

Amazon review, 2016