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We are proud of our high quality teaching, allowing others to use TRIZ to make changes for the better - whether they are big or small. We also work closely with innovative companies around the world through our problem solving consultancy and workshops.

Read the latest news highlights below.

Virus-destroying device set for early release
Two days of Oxford TRIZ™ problem solving helped Airdri achieve rapid results | 2020

A device proven to kill viruses in enclosed spaces is being launched by Oxfordshire-based engineering technology company, Airdri, and will be available to purchase in the next few weeks, despite the fact development work only began in early May. Airdri engineers and scientists secured an early launch to help with the current pandemic by working with Oxford TRIZ™ innovation experts to resolve design and development issues.


Oxford Creativity Achieves Global Sales on Lock down Learning, Helping to Problem Solve Pandemic
PR.com | 2020

Oxford Creativity, an innovation training and problem-solving company, smashed their targets and sold out places for their first online learning course helping global technical teams work together. Delegates tuned in from all around the globe including Malaysia, France, Italy, Netherlands, US and New Zealand, for interactive lock-down learning and tutorials on fundamental and fast problem solving to help them during the COVID-19 crisis.


Masterclass... January 2016
Institution of Mechanical Engineers| 2016

A systematic approach to problem solving has proven benefits in technology development and can also help engineers to get ahead.

TRIZ, the systematic capability for understanding and solving problems, was devised in Russia for and by mechanical engineers. Most of its adherents today are mechanical engineers. But increasingly it’s being used in other areas, such as management, marketing and business.


Problem solving | Efficiency drivers
New Civil Engineer | 2016

The concept of a problem solving “toolkit” is enough to make even the least cynical among us sigh in exasperation. It is difficult not to baulk at the use of buzzwords like innovation and continuous improvement, but civils projects are increasingly being pervaded by these terms. But clients are progressively turning to these business tools.

A prime example is the work currently underway at Highways England. In 2009, the organisation established a Lean team, tasked with improving engagement with the supply chain.


Lilly Haines-Gadd: ‘TRIZ for Dummies’
E&T Magazine | 2016

TRIZ is a long-established problem-solving, analysis and forecasting tool, and makes a great innovation resource for engineers. Lilly Haines-Gadd, author of ‘TRIZ for Dummies’, explains the basics.


Why TRIZ is a whizz
Eureka Magazine | 2008

Tom Shelley reports on recent developments in TRIZ, and why every company that designs new products needs to be aware of them.

Along with the 39 features and 40 inventive principles that TRIZ has identified as underlying all patented developments, there are two other powerful tools that now form an essential part of the armoury.  


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