Virus-killing device set for early release

Two days of Oxford TRIZ™ problem solving helped Airdri achieve rapid results

“The Oxford TRIZ team have helped us solve problems in just days,”

Airdri Chief Engineer Steve Whittall


A device proven to kill viruses in enclosed spaces is being launched by Oxfordshire-based engineering technology company, Airdri, and will be available to purchase in the next few weeks, despite the fact development work only began in early May. Airdri engineers and scientists secured an early launch to help with the current pandemic by working with Oxford TRIZ™ innovation experts to resolve design and development issues.

The Oxford TRIZ team have helped us solve problems in just days,” said Airdri Chief Engineer Steve Whittall, “It was exactly what we needed in today’s crisis.

TRIZ is a unique innovation toolkit developed in Russia and has the power and speed to solve problems unmatched by other techniques. Working with major companies like Rolls-Royce and BAE systems, Oxford Creativity honed, modernised and developed the toolkit and trademarked Oxford TRIZ™ seven years ago.

Airdri also sent a number of their engineers on Oxford TRIZ Live: Fundamental Problem Solving, the new online course offered by Oxford Creativity that launched in April. Designed to help anyone to learn the main TRIZ tools in just 10 hours over five days, the course sold out for the first two months and has helped to equip the Airdri team with the valuable skills to apply TRIZ problem solving techniques to future projects.

Run by a team of working mothers simultaneously tackling their own covid-19 childcare challenges, Oxford Creativity is offering creative solutions to help companies to work together during lockdown.

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