About Us

Oxford Creativity’s mission is to make TRIZ easy to understand and easy to use

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Our Story

Oxford Creativity was founded in 1998 by Karen Gadd to make TRIZ accessible to everyone.  All our Oxford TRIZ Experts have 10-20 years of TRIZ problem solving experience working with blue chip companies primarily in Europe but also throughout the rest of the world – especially for corporate problem solving which is over 80% of our output.

Oxford TRIZ Signature Style

We’re experts at what we do – we only do Oxford TRIZ and our signature Innovation TRIZkits.

TRIZ, Innovation and Creativity - TRIZ Experts for Keynote speeches, Conferences, Presentations & Interactive Sessions

The Oxford Creativity TRIZ Experts have been invited to speak at conferences throughout the world on the success and power of TRIZ. Booking ahead now to 2020.