Clive Goddard

Freelance Cartoonist




Clive is an Oxford based professional cartoonist with credits including Private Eye, Punch and Playboy (as well as other publications which don’t begin with P). He draws card designs for Paperlink, children’s non-fiction books for Scholastic and is the Chairman of the UK’s Professional Cartoonists’ Association.

Back in 2006, he was approached by Karen Gadd to draw a few black and white cartoons depicting some concepts around something called TRIZ. It was an intriguing topic which he knew nothing about, and quite different to his normal work . Since then he has attended Oxford Creativity workshops in an attempt to tune his brain into a TRIZ way of thinking. Luckily, he found the concepts to be hugely interesting and the Oxford Creativity team to be an energetic and likeable bunch who have treated him like family.

Over the years he has produced hundreds of full colour images illustrating TRIZ related concepts, some simple single panel cartoons and some complex, multi-panelled strips, which the team use in their workshops, communications and publications. 

He is extremely pleased to be working for a company like Oxford Creativity who not only appreciate the importance of visual humour in communications, but have closely involved him in their business and introduced him to a new world of ideas. The cartoons, he's been told, have become a central part of what makes Oxford Creativity different and distinctive.

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Fact File

When did you join the Oxford Creativity team?


What year was your photo taken?

2018 I think.

Before Oxford Creativity...

I’ve been an engraver, a postman, a screeprinter, a mental health worker, a cartoonist, a children’s book illustrator and a writer of middle grade fiction.

What are you most proud of?

I love seeing my cartoons on screen during a TRIZ session and hearing how they fit the narrative.

What does your Oxford Creativity work involve?

I’m the one who draws the cartoons. The ideas are usually generated as a collaboration with Karen.

Please reflect on your role

I don’t get to many workshops as I normally work independently from the rest of the team but did enjoy my weekend in Lancaster where I learned all about the chocolate liquer problem!

Home and Hobbies

I love listening to and playing music (quite badly) reading, and taking part in pub quizzes.


Custard, marmite and witty conversation (though not all at the same time).


The absence of custard, marmite and witty conversation.

Everyone at Oxford Creativity will always remember that...

I’m the one who draws the pictures but knows very little about engineering.

Job or role title

Freelance Cartoonist

Contact details

   +44 (0)1993 882461