Andrew Martin

TRIZ Expert



Andrew Martin is a systems engineer with over thirty years experience in the aerospace industry. Andrew’s areas of expertise range from technical niches - such as visual systems for flight simulator - to more generic engineering disciples - such as requirements management and the development and integration of systems engineering processes. Andrew has been using and promoting TRIZ over the last 16 years, through practical day-to-day application, formal teaching and problem solving facilitation.

At Oxford Creativity, Andrew is a TRIZ Consultant, problem solving and teaching TRIZ with many companies large and small. Andrew also works as an Aerospace training consultant.

Andrew believes that the systematic nature of the TRIZ method makes it a natural partner for formal quality systems and that it should be embedded into company procedures to bridge the 'creativity gap' that lies between system requirements and solution concepts. Andrew is almost certainly the worst saxophonist on the planet.

Fact File

When did you join the Oxford Creativity team?

I'm a little hazy on this, but I think it was circa 2005 (although I had been doing some TRIZ before then)

What year was your photo taken?

May 2018

Before Oxford Creativity...

Too many years in software and systems engineering, mainly associated with training systems and flight simulators.

What are you most proud of?

Seeing people becoming not only more proficient in using TRIZ, but also more confident that it will help them solve real-world problems. Also implementing an effects database that is both useful and free to use.

What does your Oxford Creativity work involve?

Helping people solve problems by teaching them about TRIZ and helping them use TRIZ - usually by facilitating in a workshop. Crucially this involves making the whole process as enjoyable as possible (and not just for me).

Please reflect on your role

Home and Hobbies

Victorian Engineering. Website development (yes, sad). Photography.


Dark chocolate and cheese (although not simultaneously). 0.5mm 2B lead in a mechanical pencil. Sailing close-hauled in a comfortable breeze. Focus Stacking. Stovepipe hats.


Shaving. Compromise. Lists of dislikes.

Everyone at Oxford Creativity will always remember that...

It could be said ....eating too much and wearing 'interesting' ties

Contact details

   +44 (0)1993 882461