Neil Sherry

TRIZ Expert



With over twenty five years' experience in innovation, Neil has developed a noted ability to 'get inside' clients' problems. This has included projects from industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, food, pharmaceutical, medical devices, chemical and the oil industry.

Neil's first introduction to TRIZ was in 1996 and came from being trained in innovation software from Invention Machine Corporation. Prior to this, Neil had completed an automotive biased Mechanical Engineering degree and worked as a design/development engineer - innovating the traditional way, but nonetheless creating a number of patentable solutions. He subsequently joined Invention Machine as a consultant.

Experienced in both training people in the TRIZ philosophy and tools, and in the application of those techniques to create breakthrough solutions, Neil now brings those skills to the Oxford Creativity team. A Chartered Engineer, Neil lives in the Midlands with Helena and their four children. He is a Scout Leader, who also tries to find the time to go sailing or canoeing/kayaking and is a qualified sailing instructor.  He enjoys tinkering with old cars, and occasionally troubles the local community by ringing church bells - although more recently his weapon of choice has been a ukulele, which although not as loud as a bell is more portable.

Fact File

When did you join the Oxford Creativity team?


What year was your photo taken?


Before Oxford Creativity...

Automotive biased Mechanical Engineering degree then worked as a design/development engineer - innovating the traditional way, but nonetheless creating a number of patentable solutions before becoming an innovation consultant in 1997.

What are you most proud of?

Opening people’s minds to the possibilities that TRIZ brings them – and then teaching them how to do it for themselves.

What does your Oxford Creativity work involve?

My role covers two parts – training & problem solving. This requires us to quickly understand both the nature of the problem and an overview of how the system we’re looking at works, as well as managing the workshop process and of course having an in-depth knowledge of TRIZ.

Please reflect on your role

Some recent highpoints have included: 1) Workshops which have led directly to patentable solutions – demonstrating a definite level of novelty and value to their business. 2) A workshop which got our client and their supplier to work positively together at improving a component (after a sad history of conflict and poor relationships)

Home and Hobbies

Water sports. Old Cars. Scouting. Playing ukulele in village band.


Open space. Open minds. Good food.


Inflexibility. Stupidity. Hypocrisy.

Everyone at Oxford Creativity will always remember that...

I have more cars than children!

Contact details

   +44 (0)1993 882461