Highways England & A-one+

Using TRIZ to complement their LEAN successes and speed up problem-solving 

 download the case study here  


Questions Answered 

  • How does TRIZ complement LEAN?
  • Why Oxford TRIZ?
  • How can TRIZ tools can be used to solve complex problems in just 3 days?


What can you learn from this case study?

  • Highways England and A-one+'s approach to trialling TRIZ 
  • How three complex problems were solved in just three days
  • The innovative solutions achieved and the TRIZ tools used to do so
  • How TRIZ helps you implement Continuous Improvement 

How will this benefit you?

  • Discover how you can use TRIZ to complement traditional LEAN techniques to drive innovation
  • Learn some of the core TRIZ problem solving tools and how they can be applied
  • Gain an insight into how TRIZ can be learnt in just 3 days with Oxford Creativity

Download the Case Study Here