Fundamental Problem Solving

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Start your TRIZ journey by learning how to use all the fast Oxford TRIZ tools and build these tools and processes to into the systematic Oxford TRIZ problem solving process 

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10-hour Public Training Course delivered over 5 days 


Oxford TRIZ Live


15 - 19 July 2024


£850 (net VAT) Live Learning and eLearning 



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Oxford TRIZ Live - Fundamental Problem Solving and eLearning

Fundamental Problem Solving is an Oxford Creativity TRIZ Academy online public training course which has been developed specially for online learning, it is made up of:

  • Live learning - delivered over 5 days with a learning lecture every morning from 10:30 - 11:30, a related task to work through in a break and a small-group workshop between 14:00 - 15:00 to discuss the task in-depth
  • eLearning - seven modules made up of 24 video lessons (~12 hours ) to work through and 12 practical assignments to complete - with sample answers from the Oxford TRIZ experts 

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Course is exceptional - the 'on-line format' is the best run of all the courses that I've attended - and I've attended a-lot! Very good planning and then execution with the course and tutorial delivery. 

John Fraser

What benefits does this training deliver?

  • Get up and running in 10-hours;  learn how to use all the fast Oxford TRIZ tools and build these tools and processes to into the systematic Oxford TRIZ problem solving process with no prior experience of TRIZ needed
  • Live online learning lectures followed by a break to complete a set task then a small-group workshop for in-depth discussion of the task and ideas 
  • Learn how to improve your problem solving outcomes by following simple, logical steps to find the best possible solutions
  • Supplement and further your understanding with eLearning and continue your standalone learning with logical extensions, additions and new examples
  • Join our Oxford TRIZ community, access our members site and discussion forum when you register 

What makes the training effective?

  • Oxford Creativity’s TRIZ Academy training is made up of a combination of online learning lectures, TRIZ tasks, small-group workshops and eLearning all developed specifically to be delivered online
  • Unique exercises designed during 25 years of TRIZ teaching to reinforce learning of the TRIZ tools, processes and problem solving skills and adapted for online use
  • This training has been specially developed for online teaching, ensuring it provides a highly stimulating, immersive and enjoyable learning experience
  • Access to the webinar recordings for 28 days after the event so you can continue to refer to what you have learnt
  • Continue to revise your TRIZ knowledge over the next year with eLearning


On completion of the full 10 hour training, you will receive our certificate attaining TRIZ level 1 and 10 hours CPD.

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Day 1 - The logic of problem solving + genius thinking habits

Fundamental problem solving basics and tools including the Prism of TRIZ, Ideal, Resource mobilisation. TRIZ aims to ensure that we can create and improve systems and processes to meet all needs – as exactly, economically and sustainably  as possible. Learn the basic TRIZ tools for understanding and cleverly solving problems fast, and the TRIZ habits for clarity and simplicity by keeping detail in its place.

Adopt the habits of genius thinkers and clear thinking with Time & Scale in 9 Boxes. Learn how to stretch your understanding of any situation by understanding its past, present and future while simultaneously capturing everything significant from the details to the big picture. Time & Scale in 9 Boxes helps you map, understand and communicate any problem, system or situation!

Day 2 - Solve contradictions and get everything you want

Have you ever had an impossible problem where every attempt to solve it only made things worse? If so, you were probably wrestling with contradictions! In this session you’ll discover powerful techniques to avoid unsatisfactory compromises and get everything you want using the 40 Inventive PrinciplesThe Contradiction Matrix and the Separation Principles. Learn to uncover conflicting requirements in any situation and systematically resolve anything bad that occurs.

Day 3 - See the future with TRIZ Trends

You don’t need a crystal ball to see the future! TRIZ research uncovered that all products, processes and technical systems evolve in highly predictable ways to meet needs better over time. In this session you’ll learn simple techniques to predict the future trajectory of your own systems, strengthen your IP and generate ideas for next generation products. The 8 Trends of Technical Evolution take the guesswork out of invention and help you use your expert knowledge extremely efficiently!

Day 4 - The logic of problem solving

Creative people (ie all of us) love solving problems! The trouble is, we seem to be hard-wired to fall in love with our own ‘genius’ solutions! TRIZ shows us there are always many good ways to solve a problem, and by following simple, logical steps, we broaden our options and find the best possible solutions. In this lesson you’ll learn about The Ideal and how understanding benefits, functions and resources can drastically improve problem-solving outcomes

Day 5 - Simple, elegant systems with Oxford TRIZ

Einstein famously said that we should make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler. In this session we'll introduce you to a powerful combination of tools for developing simple, elegant systems. Discover Oxford TRIZ Function Mapping - a step-by-step technique for visualising any system and highlighting problem areas at a glance. Then learn how to apply the Oxford TRIZ Trimming Rules and the 76 Standard Solutions to eliminate harms in your system and increase benefits through radical simplification and clever use of resources.

Who should book?

  • Anyone with a problem they haven’t satisfactorily resolved
  • Product designers, engineers, R&D professionals and managers involved in product development or complex problem solving
  • Anyone from companies that want to accelerate problem solving and streamline the innovation process
  • Inventors, engineers, scientists and patent professionals - the training provides tools with which to derive greater value from intellectual property

Course Materials 

  • Key TRIZ  materials - Contradictions Matrix, TRIZ 40 Principles (both for technical and business problems), the 8 Trends of Evolution - we will provide with you digital copies 
  • Not essential but will complement your learning - 'TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving’ by Karen Gadd and/or 'TRIZ For Dummies' by Lilly Haines-Gadd, visit our books page to purchase a copy

It is one of the most useful courses I have been able to go on.

Stuart Griffiths, Rolls-Royce

Oxford Creativity 096 copy

"I have learnt new and powerful ways of looking at problems differently to come up with new and viable solutions. It is a toolset that I think all engineers would find useful. Great course!"

Chartered (Aeronautical) Engineer



"I spent a very enjoyable week picking up the basics of TRIZ, and I honestly can't understand why everybody isn't doing it"

Sarah Le-Fevre
Games-based Learning Designer


Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 11.55.28

 The “business and people” sections in the Guide to Solving Contradictions” has helped me as a manager. I literally have that file on my phone, tablet and laptop. I can’t afford to be without it now

Rosemary Chude-Sokei
Performance Assessment & Reporting, Healthcare

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I found the short sharp accelerated format engaging but never rushed — ‘just right’. 

I’d done various bits of background reading for a while, but evidently that's no substitute for the presentation format which much better conveys the real substance....Look forward to more in the future, and the patent course in Feb!

David Perkins 

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