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Enhancing Invention and Innovation

This 5 - day online training gives you an Oxford TRIZ toolkit that will give you the power to protect your existing Intellectual Property, derive greater value from intellectual property, ring fence your competitors, and create a coherent patent strategy to help you lead the market for years to come.

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Course Overview


10-hour Public Training Course delivered over 5 days 



Oxford TRIZ Live


7-11 October 2024


£800.00 plus VAT

£1,400 plus VAT Combined price for Fundamental Problem Solving and Patent & IP Development - a £250 saving



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Oxford TRIZ Live - Patent & IP Development

Patent & IP Development is an Oxford Creativity TRIZ Academy online public training course which has been developed specially for online learning. It is delivered over 5 days using:

  • Lectures and workshops - an hour long learning lecture every morning, leaving you with a related task, to work through. This is then discussed in-depth during an hour long small-group workshop in the afternoon

I think that the TRIZ courses that you provide are the best on-line taught course that I've had. I like the mixture of the hour lecture on a TRIZ topic, apply yourself by 'having-a-go' at the tutorial; and then sharing your attempt with trainers and other delegates (within a 'safe learning environment').

John Fraser

What benefits does this course deliver?
  • The essential TRIZ tools and processes that you can use to derive greater value from and protect your intellectual property in just 10 hours
  • Ability to systematically create novel concepts to make strong patents 
  • How to generate more ideas to broaden patents, protecting your products' future development
  • Live online learning lectures followed by a break to complete a set task then a small-group workshop for in-depth discussion of the task and ideas
  • Learn to identify new invention opportunities and implement Structured Innovation
  • How to Ring-fence patents (your own or your competitors'!)
  • Leapfrog existing patents to develop the next generation
  • Circumvention of your competitors' patents to get freedom to operate (without involving lawyers)
  • How to quickly read and understand patents

What makes the course effective?

  • Oxford Creativity’s courses are delivered by TRIZ experts with over 10 years experience in systematic innovation and problem solving 
  • Oxford Creativity’s TRIZ Academy training is made up of a combination of online learning lectures, TRIZ tasks and small-group workshops developed specifically to be delivered online.
  • This training has been specially developed to be taught online. This format provides a highly stimulating, immersive and enjoyable learning experience.
  • Access to the webinar recordings for 28 days after the event so you can continue to refer to what you have learnt


Delegates for the 5-day Patent & IP Development course must hold TRIZ level 1

If you do not hold TRIZ level 1 we offer a special price of £1,400 for our Fundamental Problem Solving and Patent & IP Development public training courses when bought together please contact us to book both courses.  

On completion of this 5-day Patent TRIZ training, you will receive our certificate attaining TRIZ level 2 and 10 hours CPD.

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Day 1: Invention context - how to generate and broaden IP with TRIZ tools

Ever wondered how top inventors come up with their ideas? Learn how to mimic the habits of genius thinkers:

  • Map the context of any invention or system using Time and Scale in 9 boxes.
  • Learn to use the Ideal Outcome to understand all the benefits of an invention (yours and your competitors’) and uncover new possibilities
  • Explore the three logical ways to invent by matching NEEDS to SYSTEMS.
  • Simplify complex ideas using Idea/concept and the Prism for Patents
  • Save time and effort by accessing existing ideas through the Oxford TRIZ Effects Database.

Tools covered: Time and Scale, Ideal Outcome, Idea/concept, Effects Database, Prism for Patents, IP Roadmap, Ideal for products and patents

Day 2: Map claims, map inventions - protect and extend your IP with Function Mapping

Fundamental to strengthening IP with Oxford TRIZ is the ability to work with functions:

  • Define any system in terms of clear, functional relationships for at-a-glance understanding
  • Map patent claims then apply the Trimming Rules for rapid patent circumvention
  • Map inventions (yours and your competitors’) to reveal all problems and insufficiencies and systematically deal with them
  • Develop next-generation systems and products through radical simplification (removing components while keeping all their useful functions and the benefits they deliver)

Tools covered: SaO, X-Factor, Function mapping for claims and inventions, Trimming Rules

Day 3: Next generation and beyond - futureproofing your IP with the TRIZ Trends

The unique Oxford TRIZ 8 Trends of Evolution is a standalone part of the toolkit and can be mastered in about an hour and applied immediately to develop IP approaches.

  • Predict the likely development of your own inventions and those of your competitors
  • Protect your patent territory now and in the future
  • Reveal routes to Leapfrog your competitors’ technologies
  • Take the guesswork out of inventing! Systematically map he trajectory of future technologies

Tools covered: Trends for IP, Ideality

Day 4: Design around patents with the 40 Principles - use Contradictions and the Prism for Patents to generate new patentable ideas

A core advantage of Oxford TRIZ is the ability to develop clear logical thinking:

  • Access and apply all patent knowledge to improve your patents using 40 TRIZ ways of resolving contradictions
  • Overcome limited thinking and find inventive, resourceful ways to resolve conflicting requirements
  • Learn clever, resourceful inventing techniques using the Prism for Patents

Tools covered: 40 Inventive Principles, Physical Contradictions/Separation Principles, Prism for Patents

Day 5: Strong IP step by step - systematic routes to protect and extend your IP territory and design around competitors' patents

Walk through our unique IP roadmaps with our Oxford TRIZ experts.

  • Step-by-step processes for inventing and strengthening IP
  • Simple routes for invention working with existing systems or a blank sheet of paper
  • Tactics to protect and strengthen your own IP and circumvent/leapfrog your competitors’ patents
  • Systematic approaches to develop next-generation products and improve systems and protect your IP

Who should book?

  • Product designers, engineers, R&D professionals and managers involved in product development or complex problem solving
  • IP managers and those responsible for IP protection and due diligence               
  • Anyone with a problem they haven’t satisfactorily resolved

Course Materials 

  • Key TRIZ  materials - Contradictions Matrix, TRIZ 40 Principles (both for technical and business problems), the 8 Trends of Evolution - we will provide with you digital copies 
  • An editable workbook with all the exercises 
  • Not essential but will complement your learning - 'TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving’ by Karen Gadd and/or 'TRIZ For Dummies' by Lilly Haines-Gadd, visit our books page to purchase a copy


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The best bit is the opportunity to practice the TRIZ theory within the daily assignments on a real product/case study (i.e. Life-Straw) - making it feel 'less educational' and 'more realistic'; along with the interaction this week with both Dave and Neil, during the daily tutorials. 

John Fraser

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In June 2017 my company submitted two related patent applications for a couple of my inventions.  In December we received the search reports which I reviewed and in doing so, identified some fairly minor changes to the applications.  I was due to provide updated applications into our IP people but held off until I had been on last week's workshop.  And I am glad I did.
I applied some of the learning from last week and I suddenly had a great deal more clarity over my own inventions.  I also identified some important extensions which could be included.

I have now updated the applications and sent them to my IP people...they are now much stronger applications.

All down to the Patenting with TRIZ course.


Delegate, FTSE 100 aerospace company, Oxford Creativity Patent training: March 2018

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