Introduction to TRIZ

The perfect way to get started with Oxford TRIZ 

Thursday 5 September 10:30am (UK Time)

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Live Webinar 


40-60 minutes + Q&A

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Thursday 5 September 10:30am (UK Time)


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Karen Gadd


Delivered using our engaging signature style and specially developed for online delivery our Introduction to TRIZ Webinar is the perfect way to start your TRIZ journey - wherever you are.

Introduction to TRIZ

This free webinar is the perfect way to find out more about TRIZ, it continues on from where our 'Tell me about TRIZ' video ends...

Karen Gadd will explain in detail the tools and processes of this powerful toolkit. And also explain all the benefits of learning TRIZ and how to use it for problem solving and stimulating creativity & innovation.

It's a fast-paced and lively introduction with lots of interaction and opportunity for Q&A.

Click the image below to see the 3-minute short explainer video

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What does this webinar deliver?

  • A 40-60 minute introduction to the TRIZ tools and processes.
    TRIZ uses systematic ways for defining and understanding problems and then employs the following lists to solve them:
    •  40 Inventive Principles
    • 8 Trends of Technical Evolution
    • 76 Standard Solutions 
  • Concise information about why TRIZ provides systematic and structured innovation 
  • Plenty of time for Q&A about your own TRIZ learning journey
  • The perfect foundation to start your TRIZ learning with - continue with Oxford TRIZ Live, In-person training or self-paced eLearning 

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who's heard about TRIZ...but is not sure what it is or how it works
  • Those familiar with some aspects of TRIZ but want to know more detail about the tools and processes and how to use them
  • Everyone who is trying to learn TRIZ online or from books - and feeling that there may be a more effective way... 
  • Anyone who is considering attending an Oxford TRIZ Live and wants to get a head start!


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