Oxford TRIZ: Logical routes to tackle Software Problems

The answer to the very frequent question “Does TRIZ work for software” is YES – absolutely it works but often we can’t tell you about it to maintain confidentiality. However, this case study will explain how Oxford TRIZ is applied to software problems using the general examples of quadratic equations and a mousetrap.

 Download the case study here  


Oxford TRIZ and Software

Questions Answered 

  • How do you apply Oxford TRIZ to Software problems?
  • Which basic steps begin all Oxford TRIZ Problem Solving?
  • How do TRIZ Function Maps reveal all system problems?

Recent TRIZ software work prompted our consultants to compare it to the software challenges we have helped teams resolve in the past. To overcome the confidentiality issue one of our most brilliant software consultants, Andrew Martin, decided to illuminate the logic of Oxford TRIZ for software with two very general examples using quadratic equations and a mousetrap. Download the case study which reveal the relevance of Oxford TRIZ to software problems big and small.

 Download case study  

What can you learn from this case study?

  • How Oxford TRIZ can be used to improve software or create new software
  • Simple Oxford TRIZ steps & techniques to speed up the problem-solving process
  • The power of TRIZ Function Mapping to help create or improve any software systems by revealing contradictions and highlighting areas for improvement
  • Which Oxford TRIZ Tools are used for uncovering real problems linking to TRIZ lists to locate the strongest solutions 

How will this benefit you? 

  • See TRIZ applied to software problems
  • Understand how Oxford TRIZ problem solving techniques can be applied to reveal essential software problems and show routes to solutions
  • Download the case study below

Download the Case Study Here