BAE Systems: Military Aircraft Regulation Problem

BAE Systems use TRIZ Problem Solving Sessions to look at BAE's future role providing maintenance through the life of military aircraft 

 Download the case study here  


Questions Answered 

  • How BAE Systems applied Oxford TRIZ to implement future strategy
  • Why Oxford TRIZ Function maps communicated  the essential issues to the UK Secretary of State
  • Which tools are essential for major/ company changing decisions


What can you learn from this case study?

  • How Oxford TRIZ Function Maps helps us all understand problems - from life changing to trivial
  • Why the Prism of TRIZ (the Keep it Simple tool) stops us from 'reinventing the wheel'
  • How Oxford TRIZ helped BAE Systems expand from design and manufacture into through-life provision of military aircraft 

How will this benefit you? 

  • See how Oxford TRIZ tools can be applied to the really big management and strategy problems 
  • In complex situations learn how to see the wood for the trees
  • Increase your confidence in following a systematic process from 'problem mess' to the best solutions

Please note this case study was written in 2004.


Download the Case Study Here