Innovation with TRIZ: How to Design the Ideal Portable Desk 

Using TRIZ to design adjustable portable furniture to enable a comfortable working posture anywhere

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Inventing with Oxford TRIZ

Questions Answered 

  • How can TRIZ be used to simplify and enhance a design?
  • Why is TRIZ a useful tool in innovative design? 
  • How can TRIZ help increase the benefits of a product and reduce it's harms?

After travelling from Lisbon to learn Oxford TRIZ brothers Diogo and Bernardo Pestana Campos set up their own successful innovation and design company. This case study is about one of their first products - it shows how Oxford TRIZ was used at every stage from invention through to patent, then manufacture, marketing and selling.

What can you learn from this case study?

  • How the 'Ideal Outcome' can be used to specify ideal envisioned solutions and identify needs
  • Why utilising the 'Bad Solutions Park' results in having many potential concepts to consider
  • That TRIZ can be used for invention and design innovation as well as problem solving 
  • How using the '40 Inventive Principles' can be used to solve contradictions and fulfil all your requirements

How will this benefit you? 

  • Understand how applying the 'Trends of Evolution Scale' can increase the ideality of a solution
  • Learn how TRIZ problem solving techniques can be applied to every aspect of the design process
  • Download the case study below

In the summer, learning Oxford TRIZ always includes a punting trip on the river Thames!

Download the Case Study Here