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    20 Years of TRIZ in BAE Systems

    Learn how to embed TRIZ in a global company 


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    TRIZ Level: Brain 

    Questions Answered 

    • What is the best approach when establishing TRIZ in global companies?
    • What problems has TRIZ solved for BAE Systems?
    • How do I make TRIZ accessible to all my employees?
    • What is a TRIZ Gatekeeper?
    • Is TRIZ easy for everyone to learn?
    • What is the problem with brainstorming?

    What can you learn from this case study?

    • How BAE Systems successfully embedded TRIZ into their company culture using existing resources 
    • The challenges faced when implementing TRIZ in a global organisation 
    • How to overcome the difficulties of embedding TRIZ in your company culture 

    How will this benefit you? 

    • Learn how to make TRIZ accessible to everyone within your organisation 
    • Find out how Oxford Creativity can help you overcame the challenges faced when implementing TRIZ in a large organisation 
    • Learn how to encourage your organisation to add to fill the gaps in their existing, more well-known toolkits


    BAE TRIZ workshop

    Download the Case Study Here