Mars: Improving the opening of the Bitesize Pouch 

How the team at Mars used Oxford TRIZ problem solving principles to solve a complex and important package opening problem

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Questions Answered 

  • How did Mars solve their packaging problem?
  • How to use the TRIZ Trimming prompts 
  • How Mars used Oxford TRIZ to solve a complex innovation challenge 

What can you learn from this case study?

  • How to use function mapping to better understand a problem and find the best solution
  • How the team at Mars used Oxford TRIZ to ensure the opening tear on their the bitesize pouch packaging was straight to enable easy and aesthetically pleasing opening 
  • How the innovative solution arrived at was found using the TRIZ Trimming prompt of using less material also making it cheaper and more sustainable

How will this benefit you? 

  • Find out about the power of Function Mapping and how it enables you to understand problems 'at a glance'
  • Learn the power of Oxford TRIZ in solving a complex innovation challenge in a very short time-frame
  • Learn how Mars implemented their ultimate packaging solution on an industrial scale for the mass market 
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Please note this case study was written in 2005.

Oxford Creativity 007 copy

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