TRIZ is like Chess or Golf; Not Hard to Master, Always Fun

Posted by Karen Gadd on 26 Apr 2022
Karen Gadd
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TRIZ is like many activities - the more we practice the better and faster we get, although talent is a factor, everyone can excel at TRIZ. Many find that TRIZ is a joy as it boosts brain power so we think more clearly and find the fastest ways to innovative, sustainable solutions. Getting started with Oxford TRIZ is straightforward and easy if you want to become a Master it's like chess or golf - just do it - as often as possible. 

Learn the Basics of Oxford TRIZ in Just 10 Hours

0830-f-golferIf you use TRIZ you won’t rely on luck to succeed.

TRIZ success needs our intelligence, experience and knowledge but TRIZ helps access these, as it is uniquely intuitive and logically structured. This exciting, unusual aspect of TRIZ is not just that it leads us towards the best answers, but that we realise our full creative potential. Sometimes we forget how TRIZ offers ‘certainty to deliver’ and relapse to our old random ways of just waiting for a breakthrough idea to occur to us. We all know we shouldn’t rely on luck for important outcomes, but brainstorming like gambling sometimes delivers an occasional exciting, memorable win against the odds - and this may encourage us to wait and hope for sudden inspiration - and encourages us to squander valuable resources of time and opportunity.

This is so unnecessary when TRIZ logic and its proven strategies always deliver fast results and are readily available to us.

Learn the Basics of Oxford TRIZ in Just 10 Hours

To appear to be solving problems so fast with TRIZ that you look like a genius does need practice and experience but the Oxford TRIZ scoping of problems is a very straightforward process even for first time novices. The opening ‘moves’ are easy and always include Bad Solution Parks, Ideal Outcome, Time & Scale in 9 boxes and TRIZ Function Maps. This transforms an often ill defined complicated ‘problem situation’ to a clear prioritised problem list which can be tackled one at a time. This is possible because TRIZ Function Maps reveal so much, show us all problems 'at a glance' AND take us to the next steps of problem solving.

The first step is always TRIZ TRIMMING which often radically improves our system and reduces costs. We can then apply the relevant TRIZ solution triggers as our problem list denotes whether we have a contradictions, harms or insufficiencies.  These give us clear pointers to the specific TRIZ solution tools guiding us quickly and surely find the best answers.

Even at the beginning TRIZ problem solving is always efficient but it can become very fast when you are confident and competent to choose the right combination of tools to solve each problem. TRIZ novices generally succeed by staying with their initial favourite parts of TRIZ, and sometimes they need to be prompted to move on and try the full toolkit which is astonishing in its full power and potential.

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It is curious that the overlapping of TRIZ solution tools mean they all lead to some fairly rapid resolution but 'practice makes perfect' for us to rapidly locate the best outcomes – and nothing is more satisfying than finding the best sustainable, cost effective clever answer to a tough challenge.

TRIZ is NOT hard to learn or to get going on problem solving - like chess it has many different pieces, each being simple and specific, and playing them together like a master requires learned competence for perfect, fast success; but right from the start for both problem understanding and solving TRIZ is simply the best – certainly better than all the rest.

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