Hone your TRIZ skills for 2022 – is a new world emerging?

Posted by Karen Gadd on 20 Jan 2022
Karen Gadd
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Is 2022 offering us all an important, innovative moment in history to get things better? We all need to respond intelligently to the new 2022 opportunities and move surely in the right directions. I hope TRIZ will help us to avoid false starts, dead ends and time-wasting trial and error, as following its logical steps points us towards the best, sustainable answers.

Enjoy Tackling Problems with TRIZ

In these somewhat gloomy times perhaps Oxford TRIZ can cheer you up with its many cartoons and humour. We hope by making everything we offer entertaining, enjoyable and memorable that efficient and fast TRIZ competence is in everyone’s reach – and tops your 2022 priorities. 

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This cartoon may require some thought but it is worth it, I found it incredibly funny. 

I suspect that the TRIZ community is better equipped than most to face an uncertain future. Mobilising our TRIZ skills may not be our only hope – but will certainly help us all tackle critical climate challenges, upheavals from Covid, and instability at many levels.  Hopefully we can realise the good resources available to us, and use our experience, education and all our abilities to move confidently in the right directions

Although times are tough – the Covid contradictions are not all bad news – there is much good online innovation – including efficiency and enormous savings of time and cost. For example the Oxford TRIZ bespoke problem-solving workshops are delivered online in 2-hour sessions over two or three days and achieve similar amazing results to our 2-day in person workshops. Effective and efficient TRIZ team problem solving offers minimum disruption to the ‘day job’ while delivering innovative answers to your toughest problems.

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Online Problem-Solving TRIZ Tackled Challenges include:

  • Virus Killing device for enclosed spaces - see below 
  • Overcoming bottlenecks which limit practical training for healthcare workers
  • Future of Drones and protection from them when required
  • Many highly confidential IP and Patent issues

Problem Solving Covid Issues Since March 2020 our TRIZ experts have worked with many teams to help them apply TRIZ to solve their problems fast. Even the toughest most intractable problems can be dealt with by your p (2)

Virus Killing Device problems solved online Oxford TRIZ Case Study 

In 2020 we began a series of online problem-solving workshops to tackle the challenge of designing for immediate Manufacture a Virus Killing Device for enclosed spaces. This involves adapting an existing air cleaning device for production and fast market launch.

Required top level benefits: 

  1. Biologically safe for humans – comfortable and reassuring of absolute safety of the environment
  2. Clean & provide a sterile space – all surfaces and air
  3. Cleans away Covid - removes any concerns over COVID transmission
  4. Robust device – low cost with minimal maintenance and easy installation
  5. IP protected 

Bacteria _ virus_horizontal


In 3 days of online Oxford TRIZ (in six 2-hour sessions) the fundamentals of the design were agreed with specific potential problem areas designated for immediate investigation. 

Within weeks the final design of the required safe, effective robust, low-cost device was signed off and prepared for manufacture. The device met all needs especially that it had NO environmental harms to humans in the enclosed space AND it dealt with and removed all Covid viruses.

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Oxford TRIZ Tools used for the sessions:

Bad Solution Park - all previous and new ideas collected, recorded and shared.

Ideal Outcome - fully scoped all required benefits of all stakeholders (captures & describes everything everyone wants). 

Oxford TRIZ Function Mapping - succinct and clear analysis of proposed system, highlighting all its potential problems (harms, insufficiencies and contradictions). At a glance clarity of problems. 

TRIZ Priority Problem List - from the Function Map the problems could all be identified and prioritised to be solved one at a time. 

Oxford TRIZ Concept Solutions - Solution Triggers to show how to tackle the problem and where to seek and locate relevant world knowledge. 

Sort and Prioritise Solutions  - clear table of the best solutions to implement immediately plus timetable of work to improve solutions which provide many benefits but need improvement and resolution of their problems.

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