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Posted by Karen Gadd on 2 Aug 2023
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Most people were horrified by the late Stockton Rush’s declaration that "certification / safety is the ‘enemy of innovation”.  TRIZ people know that the contradiction of innovation vs. safety is not hopeless, as all its known answers can be found in the 40 Inventive Principles. 

In addition to this, reaching the right solutions faster with TRIZ reduces the urge to cut corners. Recognising that all contradictions can be resolved and are in everything (and everyone) helps us all to be more tolerant, especially when we recognise all our outputs are good and bad.

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My tolerance was stretched to breaking point, with distress, because lack of safety caused so much tragic loss of life at sea recently. This involved both asylum seekers in unseaworthy boats, and millionaire Titanic enthusiasts in a high-tech submersible. I was incensed not just by the inequity of the resources, rescue efforts and investment, but by the stupid disregard of basic safety leading to so many deaths. Lets hope the many new technologies available to rescue people at sea will be widely available soon.

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Innovation and Safety may be challenging to achieve, but TRIZ enables its tough long journey to be travelled with certainty, minimal mistakes and no deviation, especially if we ensure intelligent application of the best technical and management knowhow. A greater take up of TRIZ would be not just cost effective, but transformational. TRIZ helps us all locate good solutions in the minimal time for all projects – no matter how impossible they seem at first.

Without TRIZ, seeking elusive answers to tough problems is similar to when we have misplaced something (and are sure we have looked everywhere) and waste time looking again in the same places. TRIZ habits prevent this and take us to the best routes towards the answers we need.

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TRIZ teams deal with the toughest challenges knowing they will reach the strongest, most innovative solutions with no time-wasting deviations, dead ends or frustrating repetition. TRIZ helps us all harvest our time, resources and brain power to the greatest effect. So even when the barriers to entry are high, TRIZ helps us innovate fast - without cutting corners on safety. If the road must be long to the right critical answers, then it’s better if straight. 


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