How many systematic innovators does it take to make a great party?

Posted on August 4, 2016
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Systematic Innovation may not sound all that inspiring – and I didn’t expect it the 7th International Conference on Systematic Innovation (ICSI 2016) to be like the best kind of party – where you meet new, interesting people, learn lots, do new things and stagger home exhausted.

But that’s how it was on 19-22 July at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

ICSI 2016 Innovation Conference

It was an amazing, busy, highly interactive event with innovation experts from industry and top universities from all over the world learning from each other. Everything said, and all the published research pointed to the same conclusion from everyone there, that if you want effective innovation, and you want to plan it, audit it and guarantee it then only TRIZ Capability delivers this – and whatever helpful techniques you add on from other toolkits they are dwarfed and seem insignificant compared to TRIZ.

Appropriately the conference opened with this message loud and clear from their leading  innovation star and author of 'TRIZ for Dummies': Lilly Haines-Gadd – who revealed TRIZ Power for Patents and Intellectual Property, and showed how TRIZ helps you build more powerful IP and stronger patents and even get round other people’s patents (and also was eye catchingly but accidentally dressed to match the Dummies Colours of her book).

Lilly Haines-Gadd dresses like her for Dummies TRIZ book
'We dress like Dummies!'

I found it inspiring, but please read others’ reviews on this and don’t  take my word for it – either about her Keynote Tutorial or her sister Merryn Haines-Gadd’s paper later that day on a TRIZ approach to Analyse Consumer Lighting to predict the future of service innovation for a Circular Economy.

This is because I am their mother and I had the privilege of embarrassing them both, not just throughout the conference, but also with my Keynote speech - Making TRIZ quick to learn and use, widely applied and popular.

Sisters in Innovation - Merryn Haines-Gadd and Lilly Haines-Gadd'The Haines-Gadd Sisters in Innovation'

I have worked on nothing but TRIZ for the last 20 years and had some modest successes but those ‘sisters in innovation’ are the greatest contribution I could make to the future of TRIZ and Systematic Innovation.


Karen Gadd

TRIZ facilitator, trainer, author and Founder of Oxford Creativity - a TRIZ company based in Oxford, United Kingdom.

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