Advanced TRIZ, 4-5 July 2019

Advanced TRIZ 

This two-day workshop will give a practical understanding and ability to use the whole TRIZ process and all the TRIZ tools including the TRIZ Standard Solutions for solving any problem. Delegates learn how to use the Oxford Creativity Problem Pack for understanding and then solving any problem, either Technical or Management.  

The Oxford Creativity Problem Pack helps define what we want, and includes all the problem understanding elements of the TRIZ process and how to use the TRIZ tools to solve problems.  The Problem Pack is used throughout the two-day workshop on either general case studies or your company’s problems for the process of defining, choosing and solving problems.

It starts with defining problems (including understanding all stakeholder requirements) and includes system understanding, once these are clearly understood it takes us to problem solving.

Problem solving needs a practical understanding of and ability to use the very powerful TRIZ Standard Solutions. To access which Standard Solutions are relevant to our problems we use TRIZ Functional Analysis which can be used to understand both engineering and management problems. Oxford Creativity has a simple and accessible form of the Standard Solutions which is the TRIZ list of all problem solutions. These are powerful for both individual problem solving and for group sessions.

Creativity Tools 

There will also be a number of creativity tools to help delegates become familiar with simple but powerful tools to help break psychological inertia. These are tools for both problem understanding and solving and are clever techniques to help get the most out of your brain.  Creative team building is central to all the exercises in these workshops and our training days are designed to make maximum use of the time available and are rigorous, interactive and challenging. Each workshop lasts 8 hours and a substantial part of each day is taken up with learning exercises.

An Advanced TRIZ workshop can only be booked once Basic TRIZ workshop has been completed.


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