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Embed a culture of innovation, improve your offering, learn how to solve problems fast and so much more with our bespoke in-house TRIZ Training. 

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Bespoke In-house Oxford TRIZ Training

Oxford Creativity’s courses are delivered by TRIZ experts in open, interactive workshops for up to 15 delegates, allowing our TRIZ experts to be responsive to the needs of the group. Our workshops are full of unique collaborative, exercises specifically designed over 25 years to reinforce learning of the TRIZ tools and problem solving skills.

Available online or in-person, our bespoke training is developed for the specific needs and time-scale of your business, to ensure your busy teams get break-through results.

Benefits of Bespoke TRIZ Training 

Our bespoke in-house TRIZ training will make your team better at what you do, find out exactly what your 'job to be done' is and how to do it best. Bespoke in-house training can be customised to your organisation's needs and requirements, including:

  • Embedding a culture of innovation into everything your organisation does 
  • Improving your offering and leapfrogging your competitors advancements 
  • Learning how to solve problems fast 
  • Easily adapting to changing circumstances in your organisation and the wider world

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Oxford TRIZ

Over 25 years, we have developed Oxford TRIZ which is a fast, logical, practical, easy to apply version of TRIZ, which concentrates on delivering problem understanding & solving, innovation and product development.

Choose from a range of workshop modules, including:

  • Module One - an overview of all the TRIZ tools and the TRIZ processes for problem solving
  • Module Two - how to best resolve conflicts, innovative solutions both deliver what we want and create new problems these contradictions can be overcome by TRIZ 40 Principles
  • Module Three - introduces Thinking in Time & Scale for problem understanding, context and exploring the full range of all potential solutions
  • Module Four - covers the Trends of Evolution, how new products and processes evolve in predictable patterns
  • Module Five - how to use TRIZ tools for mapping and understanding systems to reveal essential problems at a glance
  • Module Six - covers the unique and powerful Oxford Creativity Standard Solutions which show us how to correct the problems revealed by Function Mapping

TRIZ and Other Toolkits

TRIZ's greatest successes have been working with manufacturing companies and other organisations, plugging the ‘solution locating’ gap in all their quality toolkits (Lean, Six Sigma, Systems Thinking, RCA, QFD, Value Engineering etc.). We will work with your teams to help them make the most of your current toolkit and unlock even more with Oxford TRIZ.

TRIZ & Root Cause Analysis

This one-day workshop is for delivering extra Oxford TRIZ power - to enhance your experience with all other RCA Toolkits. Delegates learn about the problem cause analysis tools within TRIZ and the ways they enhance and link to other stand-alone RCA Methods.


This one-day workshop helps you to go further - beyond the five Lean fundamentals. Our Ideality Tools and Oxford TRIZ Function Mapping reveal everything relevant we know and then prompt solution triggers taking us towards all the best answers for all stakeholders. 

To learn more about how TRIZ works with other toolkits view our extensive library of articles on the subject. 

Who should book an in-house TRIZ training workshop?

  • Product designers, engineers, R&D professionals and managers who want to learn the TRIZ tools, accelerate problem solving, and streamline the innovation process within a team environment
  • Senior Managers who want their people to learn TRIZ tools with minimum disruption away from the office
  • HR professionals and organisations who are looking for new and innovative CPD opportunities

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