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    Technical & Business Problem Solving

    Fast, Efficient and Effective.

    You bring your toughest problems, we bring Oxford TRIZ; together we find the strongest solutions. We have helped Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, Draeger, and many other organisations to solve problems – let us help you next. Online workshops now available!

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    Technical & Business Problem Solving

    Our Problem Solving programmes are fast, efficient and above all, effective. They give you the opportunity to make a real difference to the success of your business by helping you map out a strategic vision, or tackle a specific problem that you may be facing.

    We have been holding these revolutionary problem solving workshops in-person for over 20 years, delivering a rapid response to urgent problems and developing customised programmes to embed TRIZ capabilities. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic we have worked hard to ensure we are able to offer the same effective problem solving online. Simply register your interest and we will be in touch to discuss the best and safest way to deliver your bespoke workshop. 

    Oxford Creativity devise flexible and modular workshop programmes to help companies and organisations with a variety of needs.

    Problem Solving workshops

    TRIZ is particularly powerful for getting teams to work well together, for both understanding problems effectively, and also everyone generating ideas together for how to solve them.

    You can use these workshops to tackle any kind of problem, including:

    • Uncover a technical problem and fix it
    • Develop and improve an existing product
    • Create the next-generation of a successful product
    • Develop a new corporate strategy
    • Improve scientific testing
    • Significantly reduce costs – without anything getting worse
    • Identify most promising areas for research

    Strategy workshops

    We take a small group of people from your organisation and bring them together for an intensive session of facilitated creative thinking - using systematic innovation tools and techniques based on the TRIZ methodology. Our expert facilitators guide your team through understanding your situation and give you the appropriate tools to solve your problem.

    Build Your own TRIZ Champions: ‘Self Sufficiency in TRIZ Problem Solving’ workshops

    To tackle difficult problems and generate creative solutions, you need not only a powerful toolkit and method like TRIZ, but often a ‘Champion’ to guide the process and ensure that everyone is working effectively together.

    This workshop delivers:

    • The fundamentals of creative teams
    • Hands-on experience in facilitating the use of individual TRIZ tools
    • Understanding the role of the facilitator
    • Developing facilitation skills
    • Tips and techniques for encouraging everyone’s innovation
    • How to prepare for and guide others through the successful application of TRIZ
    • Tips and techniques for how to work more creatively in teams.

    Who do Problem Solving workshops help?

    • Product designers, engineers, R&D professionals and managers involved in product development or complex problem solving
    • All from companies that want to accelerate problem solving and streamline the innovation process
    Thank you so much for leading us through what I thought would be an unfruitful workshop. I expected us to find lots of ways to solve the problem, but none that were easily implemented without significant change to the design – I’m very pleased to say I was wrong!

    Problem solving workshop, August 2017

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