Innovation Tools and Culture

Oxford TRIZ embeds innovation and works for everyone – individuals, teams, departments and whole organisations. 

Oxford Creativity's Innovation workshops are powerful, fast-paced, simple and fun. They can stimulate new ways of seeing problems and then finding completely different answers. They can create a culture that encourages innovative behaviour and builds confidence in everyone. 

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1/4 day (2 hours)
1/2 day (4 hours)
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Online or In-house, at the location of your choice



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Developing Innovation and Creativity in your Organisation

Organisations who want to embed innovation in their culture and working practices consistently achieve this by adding Oxford TRIZ to their toolkits for team creativity. Oxford TRIZ delivers a clear structured route for teams to begin their innovation journey and progress as far as is appropriate for each individual and department.

Oxford Creativity offers a series of 2-hour in-house innovation workshops with fast unique techniques learned as team exercisesThese include fast innovation audits to demonstrate and help us all think about what makes:

  • an innovative organisation
  • an innovative team
  • and most importantly an innovative person

Our Quick-start modules

You can mix and match to suit your needs:

  • Creative Idea Generation & Innovative Thinking for Teams
  • Clever Cost Saving with High Benefits
  • Fast Innovative Problem Solving
  • Resolving Conflicts in 40 Triz Ways
  • New Products – from Ideas to Customers
  • Delivered Innovation
  • Sustainability – Simple but Powerful

What benefits does this Workshop deliver?

  • Idea generation - learn simple Oxford TRIZ creativity tools to help teams explore issues and break out of stale thinking paradigms
  • Learn how to apply Oxford TRIZ tools like Smart Little People, Size Time Cost, the Other Way Round and Ideal Thinking
  • Creating an organisation-wide cultural change and embed innovation in everything you do
  • Our quick-start modules brilliantly with large or small numbers - we can design module sessions to deliver these to groups of any size: from 500 people
  • Learn the TRIZ tools needed to break out of old, set ways of thinking – and see more possibilities from world knowledge 
  • Ensure you avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’, quickly breaking out of our 'own pits of important knowledge'

Who should book?

  • Organisations looking for a new approach to Innovation and Creativity 
  • Managers who want to stimulate Innovation within their teams
  • Teams who want to embed a culture of innovation into their working practices 
  • People who want to shake up their thinking and come up with something entirely new and fresh  



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