Innovation Materials

Download our Contradiction Matrix and 40 Inventive Principles 

Easy to Understand and Use, our Innovation Materials provide you with the tools you need to apply Oxford TRIZ to any problem. Use our Contradiction Matrix to understand your problems conflicting requirements then find the solution to them using the 40 inventive principles.


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Oxford TRIZ Innovation Materials

Oxford Creativity developed Oxford TRIZ™ to be simpler than classic TRIZ. Its tools and processes are faster to learn and easier to apply. Oxford TRIZ is supported by the Contradiction Matrix and 40 Inventive Principles, download these materials for free here.

Oxford TRIZ is true to classic TRIZ (neither adding nor removing anything) but delivers:

  • More powerful results 
  • Faster and easier to learn and apply TRIZ 
  • Step-by-step processes
  • 'At a glance' understanding

Innovation Materials

Our Innovation Materials explain the principal TRIZ tools, but it is important to remember you don’t have to use them all. Everyone finds tools that they prefer, the ones which work best for them. Oxford TRIZ allows you to pick and choose the best tools for you and doesn't force you to bend your way of thinking and working around an inflexible toolkit.


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Contradiction Matrix 

Problem solving almost always involves understanding and resolving conflicting requirements - improvement in one part is at the expense of something else getting worse (technical contradictions), or maybe we want the same thing in opposite states at different times or places e.g. an umbrella needs to be small and large (physical contradictions). Once we understand the conflict in our requirements, our contradictions, we can use TRIZ tools and processes to solve them.

A contradiction is a simple clash of solutions. Either we want opposite solutions, or by introducing a new solution, i.e. an improving change to one feature in a system, another feature in our system has got worse... There are many situations of wanting opposites ...TRIZ shows us all the way to achieve such opposite benefits.

Quote from 'TRIZ for Engineers' book by Karen Gadd

The 40 Inventive Principles

The 40 Principles are solution triggers, very general ideas of how to solve a contradiction. They are the easiest TRIZ tool to use, and the one most likely to give us good solutions fairly easily and quickly. They are the total number of ways (40) the world has found to solve contradictions.

Today, in the West, most engineers are taken aback to find there are only 40 simple, and easy to learn, rules for solving engineering and management problems with conflicts. Yes - these 40 Inventive Principles may be used to help solve both technical and non-technical problems quickly and simply. They show us how and where others have successfully eliminated contradictions and take us to the proven, powerful recorded solutions contained in the patent database.


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