In-House Live Webinar

Informative & Engaging with many TRIZ Cartoons

Karen Gadd and the Oxford TRIZ Experts will work with you to create bespoke live webinars or keynotes which can be both online and in person – live and/or recorded with a range of possible topics, including:

  • Embed Innovation - everywhere & for everyone in your organisation - proven innovative tools & techniques
  • Reach for NET ZERO – achieving sustainability - mobilise resources for positive results with less harm & cost
  • Problem Solving - How TRIZ helps your teams understand, define & resolve their toughest challenges & contradictions

Live Webinar 


From 15 minutes to 2 hours as required - most webinars are 40-60 minutes + Q&A!




Price on Application


Karen Gadd - plus other relevant TRIZ experts as required 


In-house webinars and keynotes are developed for your organisations specific requirements. They are delivered in our engaging signature style; illustrated by specially commissioned cartoons, always fast-paced and lively with lots of interaction and opportunity for Q&A.

Our in-house webinars are all tailored to your specific needs or for many different events from global conferences to a one off team building. Commission your own webinar to cover your specific issues, anything from sustainability, innovation, future products to future strategy.  Oxford TRIZ events are insightful, amusing and can jolt participants to see new ways of thinking and working. Oxford TRIZ  helps you adapt to changing circumstances both internally and in the wider world, find the best ways forward and create and embed a culture of innovation.

Benefits of In-house TRIZ Webinars

  • Created for your organisation, to inspire, inform and entertain, topics include:
    • What is TRIZ? – Explore the power of Oxford TRIZ pragmatic processes for fast & relevant results
    • Innovation in action – to reveal the systematic routes to the best, most relevant ideas
    • A taster of how to apply the logical TRIZ tools and processes to your tough problems
    • How to protect & expand your IP Territory - succinct introduction to TRIZ for patents - see how to leapfrog your competitors with TRIZ
    • Future Proofing - Unique TRIZ Trends tools to map the likely success trajectories for your industry and company
  • An Oxford TRIZ event builds enthusiasm and creates a foundation to start your organisations’ TRIZ journey with opportunities for fast online and in person/face-to-face learning with with Bespoke In-house Training  or Problem Solving Facilitation

 How does it work?

  • Fits with your agenda – you tell us how long it should be for your event. Most are 40-60 minutes with case studies most relevant to your organisation – but they can be from 20 minutes to 2 hours
  • Specify how much time you would like dedicated to Q&A
  • Delivered online or face-to-face/in person, at meetings and conferences. Keynote Speakers available for technical and business events.

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