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    Knowledge Sharing

    Understand, Record, Celebrate and Share

    The Knowledge Sharing TRIZkit workshop is designed to help everyone understand, record, celebrate and share one key person’s experience and expertise.

    TRIZ Innovation is something new, powerful and completely different for meeting your needs in clever, creative, cost effective, pragmatic ways. 

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    1/2 day (4 hours)
    Full day
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    In-house, at the location of your choice


    £4,000 - 1/2 day (4 hours)
    £6,000 - full day 

    Number of delegates

    min 6 - max 12 delegates (would work with more or fewer if necessary)

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    How does this TRIZkit work?

    The key person, usually a leaver or a retiree, who we call ‘the Sage’ for the session, will be prepared in advance in a pre-session to be relaxed, and ready to be the focus of this straightforward, enjoyable, structured session.

    We use the highly stimulating 'Future Backwards' exercise in this workshop to help create a valuable 'Knowledge Footprint'.

    What benefits does this TRIZkit deliver?

    • The purpose is to get the key person to tell the story of their experiences at work at your organisation, so that a record can be made, and knowledge shared, and tasks allocated to their team and successors.
    • Knowledge Sharing workshops aim to capture the key person's unique history and stories in a way that helps everyone participate and record their own impressions.

    Who should book?

    • Anyone taking over responsibility for a work area
    • Peers who can add and question the events as they are remembered and shared
    • More recent staff who can ask questions from a different viewpoint, do all the scribing and learn in the process 

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