Storytelling for Engineers 

Use storytelling techniques to improve your communication 

Stories have been used for thousands of years to share knowledge, build communities and inspire innovation and action. This virtual course has been designed to introduce you to the insights, ideas and methods relevant for today’s world and use storytelling to:

  • Improve communications and make them more compelling, engaging and memorable
  • Enhance your ability to present your case and persuade others to pay attention, understand, remember and consider your solutions.

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Course Overview


Half a day (4 hours)


Oxford TRIZ Live


20 June 2024 - 1.00pm - 5.00pm (UK Time)


£200.00 (plus VAT)


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Oxford TRIZ Live - Storytelling for Engineers

Storytelling for Engineers is an Oxford Creativity TRIZ Academy online public training course which has been developed specially to teach Engineers to harness the power of storytelling to communicate well and write better business cases, proposals and presentations

 This course takes place from 13.00 -17.00 with timings as follows:

  • 13:00-14.30 - Live Webinar 
  • An hour to complete an assignment set at the end of the webinar
  • 15.30-17.00 - Tutorial workshop to discuss the exercise and review the learning against the learning objectives

What benefits does this course deliver?

  • This engaging online learning module will help you, communicate engagingly when presenting or writing (for example reports and business cases) and reveal and share existing relevant knowledge
  • Understand the practice and logic of story telling, including how the brain functions when it hears a story and how to structure your narrative to excite and convince your readers
  • Learn to communicate effectively, work well in teams and better collaborate across your entire organisation
  • Become familiar with and comfortable using two different narrative methods to map out the narrative landscape of any given project, proposal, bid or initiative
  • Learn the ten most important features of a successful proposal and how to apply them
  • Find out how to create and use templates to explain a single idea, deliver a series of important messages and ultimately structure and build a long-form proposal or conference presentation on your idea
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What makes the course effective?

  • Oxford Creativity’s courses are delivered by TRIZ experts in open, interactive workshops using unique collaborative, hands-on exercises specifically designed to reinforce learning
  • Delivered by Ron Donaldson, who has twenty one years’ experience working with teams, communities and groups to work through a series of narrative methods and develop their own stories
  • Includes case studies where teams have developed and submitted successful bids with completeness of content
  • Opportunities to take your own idea/bid/proposal through a guided selection of methods to transform your initial possibility to probable success and suggestions to achieve an almost certainty 

Who should book? 

  • Anyone who has to write bids, proposals or business cases 
  • Those who struggle to remember the order and precise wording of presentations
  • Those responsible for communications, both internal and external
  • Engineers!

Course Materials

  • All the methods, case studies and associated narrative based insights discussed in this course will be fully documented and packaged as a PDF for reference and future use.

Should be mandatory – getting staff thinking much more about our stories and comms to deliver.

Delegate, 2020

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Storytelling training told through stories. What could be better?

Delegate, 2020

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Directly relevant to making a business case for key projects and subsequently in ‘selling it’

Delegate, 2020

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