5 Ways COVID-19 has Changed how we Teach TRIZ

Posted by Karen Gadd on 19 Jan 2021
Karen Gadd
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The Coronavirus Pandemic has greatly changed all of our lives, for both the better and the worse, over the past year. Certainly Oxford Creativity is a very different, and we hope much better,  organisation than it was 12 months ago. Here are five ways the past year has changed the we teach TRIZ.

1. Virtual TRIZ Training

In March we accelerated our launch of the Oxford TRIZ Academy to provide immediate on-line training and problem solving. Fast transition was essential, and although it was tough, our whole team worked together so we could respond to our customers’ new needs. 

online learning TRIZ Live

We adapted, redesigned and honed the online learning of essential TRIZ tools to create our Fundamental  Problem Solving course – delivering the basics of TRIZ in just 10 hours, 10 times a year. We also responded to the rising demand for more protection and creation of Intellectual Property by creating  Patent and IP Development. Our second online 10 hour training course. 

Oxford TRIZ Live: Patent and IP Development 

2. Remote Problem Solving

The Oxford TRIZ experts are now problem solving online with remote teams working together but separately from home, often on different continents. This provided a challenge for our Experts but as always, even just a few hours of TRIZ facilitation helps teams pull together to tackle their most urgent issues.

These are not just design and manufacturing problems but critical work has been undertaken with a wide range of companies on future technologies (drones, green electricity), sustainability (future aircraft fuel), strategy and IP. Along with virus prevention and destruction work we have all been at full capacity since March. Our customers tell us that our TRIZ facilitation showed them how best to work together efficiently as a team in these tough times. Read about how our team helped Aridri create a virus killing device in just two days here. 

The Oxford TRIZ team have helped us solve problems in just days...It was exactly what we needed in today’s crisis.

Steve Whittall, Airdri Chief Engineer

3. eLearning: Always Available  

Oxford TRIZ is launching our comprehensive eLearning package -  a whole new self-paced way to learn TRIZ! Feedback has been beyond enthusiastic even from the most terse technical people in the pre-launch trial. Its a standalone course to embed, revise, and accelerate your TRIZ learning, with 22 lively video lessons, in just 6 modules all with assignments to test and extend your understanding. Watch the video below for a preview:

It's also the perfect companion to our high speed online courses for revision, reflection and recreation. Unlike the Covid vaccine this is being rolled out to all ages simultaneously. 

Learn more and register your interest now 

4. Oxford TRIZ Blended Learning

Oxford TRIZ blended learning offers clear step by step guidance from problem to solution. It’s a comprehensive TRIZ learning package helping all lifestyles, timetables and budgets get started with TRIZ and improve TRIZ levels. 


Our blended learning includes everything we teach: online live training; self paced eLearning and our superb clear online and print materials including our teams’ best selling books TRIZ for Dummies and TRIZ for Engineers.  

5. Trust TRIZ 

Of course we already trusted TRIZ, but this year it has been tested more than we have ever tested it before, and ,of course, it worked!I am sure that anyone with good TRIZ Habits is able to help in this global crisis, sharing and creating solutions and making a difference to achieve real innovation. I am incredibly grateful to TRIZ for helping to keep me busy and connected in isolation and amazed at the joys of working with so many new people in new ways.  

TRIZ reminds us that we are our greatest resource, and helps us access our brain power / abilities and helps us reach our full potential and achieve more. If you haven’t got a new year resolution yet then try 'Trust TRIZ' and use it every day to get what you want in the most sustainable, world saving, clever and cost effective ways.


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