Defend against the new global colonialism

Posted by Karen Gadd on 13 Aug 2020
Karen Gadd
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TRIZ – the Lodestar/Compass/GPS for Invention & IP success to build & keep your territory

Today’s global colonialism is the bid to ruthlessly control all new (and maybe old) territory of human knowledge. The big players are household names with much power and resources – and the scandals of their progress to own everything are well documented - including domination of digital technology, control of future life through genetically modified seeds (biopiracy) and the battle to patent human DNA.

They gobble up, rebrand and control their small suppliers and competitors, especially those with innovative promise. They can’t own and control TRIZ which is public domain and available to everyone and delivers innovation to anyone bright enough to adopt it.


This, of course, is the problem with TRIZ, it is like Ozone (a great, powerful virus killer) - by being freely available and unpatentable it consistently delivers great good, but no one can own it for their exclusive profit. No-one wants to colonise ozone or TRIZ. Ozone is a great weapon against Covid-19, but sadly, like TRIZ, its help in the fight is very marginal - and its true power not recognised.

Read more about our work with Airdri to develop ozone-based virus-killing technology during the pandemic.

Topics: Patent development, Covid-19, Pandemic, Colonialism, Knowledge, ozone