First steps into TRIZ with Oxford TRIZ Live - Attendee Q&A

Posted by Sophie Langer on 11 May 2020
Sophie Langer
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Oxford TROxford TRIZ Live cartoonIZ Live: Fundamental Problem Solving is the first Oxford TRIZ online course - taught in 10 hours over 5 days through webinars and interactive workshops. It launched in April with great success, selling out all places and is currently running monthly during lock down. We asked some of the attendees from the launch what they thought, including Faith, featured below:

Name: Faith
Job Title: Continuous Improvement Champion
Industry: Food & Beverage

What would you say is your biggest challenge right now?
Rapidly finding the best innovative solutions to our technical challenges

Do you think this is something that TRIZ will help you with?
Yes this seems to be a strength of TRIZ

What inspired you to attend the Oxford TRIZ Live course?
To find out more about the opportunities that TRIZ gives us

Was there anything that particularly stood out for you on the course?
The wide array of tools, methods and generic solutions that are available, based on the worlds existing inventive knowledge

Have you, or do you have plans, to use what you have learnt in the near future?
Yes for sure I am excited to try some of these out

What would you say to someone thinking about coming on the next live course?
It is a very useful introduction to TRIZ to give a broad overview in an accessible way, and to practice some of the tools with guidance. It will not make you a TRIZ practitioner, but it is a very useful first step.

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