Basic TRIZ, 1-3 July 2019

Basic TRIZ

A brief description of the Basic TRIZ Workshop is below, for full details of the workshop outline, please click here.

Day One 

Overview of the TRIZ Tools + learn to use the Solution Map

  • Summary of the TRIZ Tools and TRIZ Problem Solving Process
  • Creativity Tools for generating ideas & effective brainstorming
  • Thinking in Time and Space
  • The Prism of TRIZ
  • Problems & Solution Maps

The first morning covers a review of all the TRIZ tools and the TRIZ process for problem solving. A brief summary and explanation is given on how to use traditional creativity tools to stimulate idea generation, followed by the more powerful TRIZ approaches to maximising concept generation and innovative solutions to any problem.

solving contradictions with 40 Principles and TRIZ

The workshop features several exercises, including Problem and Solution maps – which are part of the unique and powerful TRIZ tool Thinking in Time and Space.


How to use the 40 Principles for solving Contradictions

  • 40 TRIZ Principles – 40 Ways to Solve Any Problem
  • Understanding Technical Contradictions
  • Contradiction Matrix and the 39 Parameters to define contradictions
  • Uncovering and Solving Technical Contradictions and Physical Contradictions
  • Rules for Separation
  • Solving Engineering Problems using TRIZ Contradiction Tools

In this workshop you learn the most easily accessible and perhaps most powerful thinking and innovation tools for problem understanding - the TRIZ tools for uncovering and solving contradictions.

Day Three

  • TRIZ Creativity Tools
  • Understanding your System and Highlighting Problems 
  • Defining the Simplest Building Blocks for Engineering Systems
  • Problem Identification and Correct Problem Description
  • Standard Solutions for Solving Standard Problems
  • Simplification or Trimming Rules

For full details of the workshop outline, please click here

TRIZ contradictions solved with 40Principles

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