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Oxford Creativity TRIZ Training Workshops have delivered audited success of innovative problem solving with TRIZ for companies and individuals for over seventeen years.

Public workshops, in-house training, TRIZ Events and free Webinars .... find out more below.

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Oxford Creativity’s greatest success has been the development of a unique and effective TRIZ Workshop Programme which can help anyone learn TRIZ, be effective and self sufficient in TRIZ problem solving in the minimum time possible.

Oxford Creativity has successfully delivered and embedded TRIZ capability, innovation and problem solving in many major global companies (eg Rolls-Royce, Sanofi, Kraft, SBM, Doosan Babcock, BAE Systems and more) from a wide range of industries including aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, pharmaceutical, and nuclear.

Our established team have worked extensively in Europe and far beyond including China, Korea and Saudi Arabia.  In the UK, our workshops are offered publicly by both the IET and IMechE.

We teach TRIZ at public workshops and in-house at your business or venue.


Oxford Creativity's free webinars on TRIZ are popular with global audiences as they are fun, easy to understand and interactive. 


Fast-paced, fun 'Welcome to TRIZ' webinars will give a brief introduction to the TRIZ tools and Processes for innovative problem solving.

We also run 'Topic Webinars' and are continuously adding new topics to our webinar series and would like to hear from YOU what topics you think would be interesting.

The webinars are usually run on a Friday at 10.30 or 2pm,  with a 30-45 minute presentation allowing time for questions.

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Welcome to TRIZ - free weekly webinars


  • TRIZ for Children
  • #TRIZ4Dummies
  • Top TRIZ Tips for Creative Managers / Leaders
  • Patent TRIZ: Enhancing Invention & Innovation
  • TRIZ & Other Toolkits: Filling the Gaps
  • Solving Difficult Problems with TRIZ

  • Think Like a Genius: Tools for Clear, Creative Thinking
  • Innovative Thinking with TRIZ
  • Guaranteed Innovative Thinking with TRIZ
  • Innovation Processes need TRIZ
  • TRIZ and Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation Culture with TRIZ
  • TRIZ for Business
  • Brainstorming needs TRIZ
  • TRIZ for Leadership

Contact Lilly Haines-Gadd and see how TRIZ can help you create an innovation culture throughout your organisation.

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