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A selection of testimonials from our customers. 

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Why so many of the big companies use TRIZ for innovation


Thank you so much for leading us through what I thought would be an unfruitful workshop. I expected us to find lots of ways to solve the problem, but none that were easily implemented without significant change to the design – I’m very pleased to say I was wrong!” 

Problem Solving Workshop
"I thought it was productive use of our time that also allowed us to open our imaginations, engage and innovate."

TRIZ helps me to look in more areas of the solution space, areas that I may not have considered otherwise. This increases the likelihood of generating strong patentable ideas.

I found the TRIZ exercises very helpful and I think they can be used consistently in our development process.

"I would like to thank you very much for a great meeting with a lot of possible outcomes, in a short period of time .… I look forward to any future collaboration with you on TRIZ”.  Cost-cutting Problem Solving workshop, August 2017

"I have been exposed to TRIZ before and enjoyed it yet felt that it was a bit difficult for a non-engineer to get to grips with. However, spending the week attending the workshop I found that the fact that I am not an engineer did not affect my ability to learn the tools and techniques. 
The workshop was fun and was delivered in such a way that was easy to understand which meant that I could fully engage despite not being an engineer."

"My employer had previously taken a look at TRIZ and decided it wasn't for them and they were not therefore willing to support my training. I therefore decided to attend the training in my own time and fund it myself, as TRIZ seemed an excellent fit with my background in Lean and Six Sigma Process Improvement and seemed the next logical step in my desire to become more creative/innovative. I was not disappointed - it turned out to be just what I was looking for - a systematic way to connect 'left-brain' logic with 'right brain' creativity to give a truly 'whole brained' approach to innovative problem solving. It's certainly given me much food for thought (food for thinking) - I loved it! So much so, I think it could possibly be the best money I have ever spent."

TRIZ for business solutions
"TRIZ consistently challenges you to challenge conventional wisdom. For this I use the 9-boxes often - usually to understand the context of a problem, but also to quickly brainstorm different solutions. I also like to find the contradictions in a problem & use the 40 inventive principles to generate ideas to solve them"
"Time was allocated well. We were constantly moving and thinking. The entire workshop was engaging and worthwhile."
"I would recommend the Oxford Creativity TRIZ courses (I did all 5 days) to any companies out there who are starting to realise that continuous incremental improvement alone will not get them to where they need to be. It's definitely for those wanting (or needing) to achieve step change breakthrough improvements, and for those truly willing to embrace creativity and innovation - those not satisfied with this being merely an aspiration in their corporate mission statement." 
"Excellent course that has changed my outlook on innovation and problem solving. Many thanks to all involved."
TRIZ Tools and techniques to problem solving

Excellent course that has changed my outlook on innovation and problem solving. Many thanks to all involved.

I have attended many courses that I have found relevant and useful, this is the first I have found to be useful and highly enjoyable.

"An excellent training course that has helped to broaden my knowledge and provide me with additional perspectives, tools and methods to solve problems which complement the other methodologies (Lean, 6 Sigma Kepner Tregoe, etc.) used. I am looking forward to using TRIZ within my workplace." 

"The course achieved a good balance between teaching and exercises.
Exercises were relevant, thought-provoking and interesting." 

"I must say it was one of the best training courses I have ever been on. The manner in which the material was presented and the sessions run was very light-hearted and humorous, I had a lot of fun which made learning the techniques much easier and also helped me to retain the information." 
"The best training course I have ever been on."

"Excellent course, and I am keen to be able to use what I have learnt, thank you."

"So good I have requested to attend the next level" 

 "The origins of TRIZ stem from providing problem solving methods to engineers and scientists. But TRIZ will prove to be an invaluable arrow of innovation in the quiver of anyone practising in or associated with the legal profession. 

Oxford Creativity is an eclectic team, adept at delivering new concepts and tools. The broad age range on the course, I believe 27 to 57 years, highlighted to me that innovation lies within us all."

Origins of TRIZ - Russia Theoriya Altshuller
"There is a reason that Oxford has an almost unmatched reputation when it comes to education. The trainers were simply superb."
"The Advanced workshop really does bring all the foundations together."
“One of the best trainings' I’ve ever been to, I’ll try to TRIZ as many things as I can!” 
"The workshop certainly showed me new tools, which I think will be relevant to my use of TRIZ in the company. I would say that this workshop is very relevant to the normal, everyday work we carry out."

"The Advanced TRIZ helped fill in my questions and gaps from the Basic course. I was a believer but now I have faith in the process, having seen all the areas work together."

"Advanced TRIZ workshop certainly did give many more techniques and tools to use when problem solving. I guess more importantly it was fun, which should mean that it will be more memorable. Who remembers dull stuff easily?" 


"An intriguing course that gives a good basic level introduction to a tool that it appears could significantly enhance an engineer’s capabilities." 
"The balance of explanation, illustration and learning by experience was in my view almost perfect."
"A great introduction to the principles of TRIZ – proof that “useful learning” need not take long!" 
TRIZ Tools for problem solving solutions
"A fantastic overview of the TRIZ approach to problem solving that was delivered in a truly engaging manner. It’s the first time I can recall attending an ‘Engineering’ training course where I’ve wanted to share my learning with my wife who runs her own Human Resources consultancy! Even my kids would find the cartoons funny!" 

A fantastic introduction to structured problem solving for both young and old engineers and managers.

TRIZ can remove the mental anguish of problem solving. Don't burn yourself out trying to cope without it.

"I found the course to be very interesting and my concerns about it being a highly technical day were very quickly put to rest. The content was a very good mix of theory and practice to ensure people remained attentive throughout. The course has certainly whetted my appetite to learn more."  


“Using a Facilitated TRIZ Workshop help us identify issues in two days that would have taken months using traditional approaches” 
'Very thought provoking day, can't wait to try it out on some of my projects' 
'Oxford Creativity were a catalyst for our creativity.' 

Very impressed how Oxford Creativity has been able to create a methodology for applying TRIZ that can be widely used.

Using a Facilitated TRIZ Workshop help us identify issues in two days that would have taken months using traditional approaches.

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