why use Oxford Creativity?

Oxford Creativity will show you how to be innovative and solve your problems systematically with TRIZ.

We will help you nurture, develop and sustain a culture of creative innovation with your organisation.

Oxford Creativity will help you nurture, develop and sustain a culture of creative innovation with your organisation.

Oxford Creativity has all the TRIZ elements you will need:

  • TRIZ materials which work for training and problem solving
  • Excellent trainers and solid experience
  • An outstanding track record in making TRIZ work in small, medium and large companies.

There is perfect synergy between a flexible company like ourselves and meeting the needs of our clients.

Oxford Creativity delivers effective, good TRIZ which is memorable, useful and full of humour.

Our signature approach is …..

  • We engage with our TRIZ participants, encouraging them by making the learning of TRIZ an enjoyable yet challenging experience that will broaden their outlook on problem solving and help them;
  • We work hard to make our workshops intense, humorous and enjoyable because this not only keeps participants interested, but also has been shown to encourage creative and innovative thinking. Participants get the most out of the workshops and work most effectively when they are in a good mood;
  • Most people describe our workshops as unusual in that they are enormous fun but very useful to them in their day jobs. Although they are quite hard work most engineers appreciate and expect this;
  • We encourage participants to approach TRIZ primarily as a thinking tool which helps us get the most out of own brain power, education and experience. Clarity of thought together with the TRIZ problem solving tools is what gets the stunning results we achieve every time;
  • We do not use any TRIZ software for solving problems (as it gets in the way of the clarity of thought needed for TRIZ problem solving);
  • We’re experts at what we do – we only do TRIZ!
  • We get the most out of people. We are not interested in looking clever or being impressive. We encourage participants to come up with ideas and solutions to exercises and in problem solving themselves; this not only gives participants ownership of the solutions, but ensures that they understand and can replicate the problem solving process;
  • We guide people towards solutions if they are getting stuck, but we are not only interested in getting results to the problem in hand, but also in the participants understanding and being able to replicate the process again - when we’re not there.

Since 1999, Oxford Creativity has taken TRIZ to major companies - our client list includes: 

We have several clients who are happy to provide references for us. View our case studies online or contact the TRIZ team for more examples on how we can help you.

our clients list includes both small and large companies, individuals and councils

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