Facilitating TRIZ

Innovative companies know that they need more than individual creative heroes to achieve successful innovation.

Whole teams need to be thinking creatively and working together effectively.

Facilitating TRIZ innovation workshops


Oxford Creativity has been working with creative teams and facilitating problem solving workshops for over 17 years, and have extensive hands-on practical experience of how to make the most effective use of your organisation’s most powerful resource – your people’s time, energy and cleverness.

To tackle difficult problems and generate creative solutions, you need not only a powerful toolkit and method like TRIZ, but often a facilitator to guide the process and ensure that everyone is working effectively together.

The workshop will focus on the following areas:

  • The fundamentals of creative teams
  • Hands-on experience in facilitating the use of individual TRIZ tools
  • Understanding the role of the facilitator
  • Developing facilitation skills
  • Tips and techniques for encouraging everyone’s innovation

Participants will learn:

  • How to prepare for and guide others through the successful application of TRIZ.
  • Tips and techniques for how to work more creatively in teams.

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