Full TRIZ & Problem Solving Toolkit

All the Oxford TRIZ tools, plus
Self-sufficiency in TRIZ Problem Solving


Creative team building is central to all our workshops and our training days are designed to make maximum use of the time available and are rigorous, interactive and challenging. Each workshop lasts up to 8 hours and a substantial part of each day is taken up with learning exercises.

Day 1: Fast Track TRIZ

Coffee: 8.30am
Start: 9.00am
Finish: 5pm

Overview of the TRIZ Tools and learn to use the Solution Map.

  • Summary of the TRIZ Tools & TRIZ Problem Solving Process
  • Creativity Tools for generating ideas & effective brainstorming
  • Thinking in Time & Space
  • The Prism of TRIZ
  • Problems & Solution Maps

The first morning covers a review of all the TRIZ tools and the TRIZ process for problem solving. A brief summary and explanation is given on how to use traditional creativity tools to stimulate idea generation, followed by the more powerful TRIZ approaches to maximising concept generation and innovative solutions to any problem.

Day 2: Solving Contradictions and Using Resources

Coffee: 8.00am
Start: 8.30am
Finish: 5pm

How to use the 40 Principles for solving Contradictions

  • 40 TRIZ Principles – 40 Ways to Solve Any Problem
  • Understanding Technical Contradictions
  • Contradiction Matrix & the 39 Parameters to define contradictions
  • Uncovering & Solving Technical Contradictions & Physical Contradictions
  • Rules for Separation
  • Solving Engineering Problems using TRIZ Contradiction Tools

In this workshop you learn the most easily accessible and perhaps most powerful thinking and innovation tools for problem understanding - the TRIZ tools for uncovering and solving contradictions.

The day finishes with a stimulating one-hour Cartooning presentation delivered by our Oxford Creativity cartoonist, Clive Goodard.

Day 3: Function Analysis, Standard Solutions and the Creativity Tools

Coffee: 8.00am
Start: 8.30am
Finish: 4pm

  • TRIZ Creativity Tools
  • Understanding your System & Highlighting Problems 
  • Defining the Simplest Building Blocks for Engineering Systems
  • Problem Identification & Correct Problem Description
  • Standard Solutions for Solving Standard Problems
  • Simplification or Trimming Rules

Day 4: The Problem Solving Process

Coffee: 8.00am
Start: 8.30am
Finish: 5pm

The final two days of this workshop (Advanced TRIZ) concentrates on the practical application of TRIZ. 

  • How to use all the TRIZ tools together in the systematic TRIZ problem solving process
  • Define & understand problems.
  • Use the 9 Boxes in more advanced ways for understanding & predicting hazards and root cause problems
  • Learn how to quickly & effectively capture all needs with the Ideal Outcome

The day finishes with a hands-on exercise stepping through the problem solving process on either an engineering or a management issue.

Day 5: Facilitating TRIZ

Coffee: 8.00am
Start: 8.30am
Finish: 4pm

Explore and experience how to facilitate creative thinking in other people: get practical experience in facilitating a group, stepping through a single problem using different TRIZ tools, putting the whole process together.

We also introduce a number of Creativity Tools to help delegates become familiar with simple but powerful tools to help break psychological inertia. These are tools for both problem understanding and solving and are clever techniques to help get the most out of your brain.


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