Oxford TRIZ Problem Solving

You bring your toughest problems, we bring Oxford TRIZ

We respond fast to Problem Solving & Innovation challenges. We help you hit the ground running with Oxford TRIZ - getting break-through results in only 2-5 days of workshops - now available virtually! 


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About our problem solving

Oxford Creativity’s success in working with clients in-house for over 20 years, involves rapid response to urgent problems, as well as developing customised programmes to embed TRIZ capabilities. We help organisations in their quest for innovation, resolution of difficult challenges and precisely meeting their customers' needs. In short, we help you hit the ground running with Oxford TRIZ. 

We are currently offering our revolutionary problem solving workshops virtually.  Developed to ensure your busy teams need only to attend 2-5 days of online workshops to get break-through results. 

What is TRIZ?

Technical & Business Problem Solving

Our Oxford TRIZ Problem Solving programmes are fast, efficient and above all, effective. They give people who are TRIZ Aware the opportunity to make a real difference to the success of their business in anything from design to implementation. Oxford TRIZ experts guide and facilitate at all times.

We have helped Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, Sanofi, and many other organisations to solve technical, engineering and business problems – let us help you next.

Protecting and Extending your IP Territory

Realise your organisation’s innovation and prediction capabilities with Oxford TRIZ. This workshop helps you to put into practice the theory learnt in our 'Fundamental Problem Solving' and 'Patent & IP Development' training. If we don’t help you meet your targets (agreed at the beginning of each project) then you don’t pay – this is a guarantee we have given for over 20 years and we haven’t failed yet – despite some truly daunting challenges. 

With our help, between 2001 and 2007, Sanofi Aventis increased their patents per annum, from 6 … to 276.


Customised In-house Training and Problem Solving

Customised TRIZ Training & Problem Solving Programmes

We put together online programmes for a minimum of 6 people, for clients looking which include a customised mix of in-house TRIZ training, Problem Solving and IP development - tailored specifically to your organisations and the issues that you need  to solve and the benefits you want to see.

Oxford TRIZ Live 

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