Patent and IP Development

Structured Innovation

TRIZ is based upon patent analysis. This fast-paced Team Workshop shows how to use this power to circumvent and strengthen Patents and build Intellectual Property.

Invest in your team - this workshop will give them the essential Oxford TRIZ tools and processes to derive greater value from intellectual property.  Available online or in-person. 

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Workshop Overview


minimum 1 ½ days



Online, in-house or off-site – you choose


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Number of delegates

up to 12

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Patent and IP Development

Within Oxford TRIZ are ideal tools for:

  • Developing inventive concepts that can create strong patents
  • Charting new product areas of strategic value
  • Development and strengthening of patents
  • Extension of current and future patents for wider applications

Oxford Creativity has extensive experience in delivering creative and fast-paced team workshops to develop Intellectual Property with our clients. 

Our most successful work has been on strengthening and developing patents for clients in a wide range of industries e.g. software, medical devices, oil and gas, FMCG, food production, packaging, aerospace and energy.

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Investment in a Patent and IP Development workshop can deliver:

  • The correct scope for the patent identified
  • Everyone fully understands the strategic aims of the patent – and all possible ways of achieving them
  • Any potential vulnerabilities of the patent have been identified
  • A wide range of promising solutions for strengthening and ring-fencing the patent have been generated

The global giant Samsung attribute their innovation, IP, competitive positioning and product success to their TRIZ teams and their TRIZ culture.

What benefits does this Workshop deliver?

  • You achieve the best returns on the significant investments of patent applications
  • Everyone’s time, energy and resources are efficiently and intelligently deployed
  • We engage your teams, technical experts and patent attorneys to deliver effective results - FAST

Who should book?

  • Managers, product designers, engineers, R&D professionals leading a team responsible for product development 
  • IP managers and those responsible for IP protection and due diligence     
  • Anyone with a problem they haven’t satisfactorily resolved

In June 2017 my company submitted two related patent applications for a couple of my inventions. In December we received the search reports which I reviewed and in doing so, identified some fairly minor changes to the applications. I was due to provide updated applications into our IP people but held off until I had been on last week's workshop. And I am glad I did.
I applied some of the learning from last week and I suddenly had a great deal more clarity over my own inventions. I also identified some important extensions which could be included.

I have now updated the applications and sent them to my IP people...they are now much stronger applications.

All down to the Patenting with TRIZ course.

Delegate, FTSE 100 aerospace company, Oxford Creativity Patent workshop, March 2018




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