Oxford TRIZ IP Development Programme

For companies seeking strategic advantages of strong intellectual property (IP) portfolios: 

Oxford TRIZ has been successfully used in major companies for over 19 years - and we offer supporting enthusiastic references from many clients both large and small with ground-breaking innovation in many different industries.

Oxford TRIZ Intellectual Property Development programme

Don't reinvent the wheel .....develop and protect your best inventions!

Oxford TRIZ IP Development Programme has been specifically designed for companies seeking the strategic advantages of strong intellectual property (IP) portfolios. Combining research, analysis and fast-paced workshops our Oxford Creativity experienced and enthusiastic experts guide your teams to effectively and immediately apply TRIZ to develop your IP and produce relevant results every time.

We offer workshops for every stage from inventive idea generation through to strengthening or ring-fencing your new patents, plus all the necessary background work and research to ensure that everyone hits the ground running, efficiently focusing their energies in the right places, on the real problems and on the right products.


  • Every patent application is as robust as possible
  • You achieve the best returns on the significant investments of patent applications
  • Everyone’s time, energy and resources are efficiently and intelligently deployed
  • We engage your teams, technical experts and patent attorneys to deliver effective results - FAST


  • The correct scope for the patent identified
  • Everyone fully understands the strategic aims of the patent – and all possible ways of achieving them
  • Any potential vulnerabilities of the patent have been identified
  • A wide range of promising solutions for strengthening and ring-fencing the patent have been generated
  • Everyone has a clear idea of what is important to protect

why re-invent solutions to similar problems - use TRIZre-inventing the wheel is not what we need

Our most successful work has been on strengthening and developing patents for our clients in a wide range of industries e.g. software, medical devices, oil and gas, FMCG, food production, packaging, aerospace and energy. We can also apply the same techniques if a competitor’s patent is getting in your way: applying the TRIZ techniques can not only circumvent a patent but help you find new ways of delivering the same benefit: often utilising completely different technology.  (View Case Studies)


We maximise our efforts to minimise your involvement of the time-consuming tasks which surround the achievement of effective breakthroughs. This helps ensure your delivery of consistent success to meet even the most challenging deadlines, within the fiercest competitive environments. Samsung attribute their innovation, IP, competitive positioning and product success to their TRIZ teams and their TRIZ culture.

re-inventing the wheel - there is a TRIZzier way

Your company can begin their TRIZ journey without disruption or interruption of busy schedules. Beginning with just one day workshops we have significantly helped our clients at least double their strategic IP output, and uncovered routes to beat competitors’ patents which were previously blocking their access to significant technologies. 

We also offer PATENT TRIZ Public Workshops throughout the year, view Event schedule.

For anyone who wants to realise their organisation’s innovation and prediction capabilities Oxford TRIZ will help your teams consistently deliver the fastest, most practical and measureable successes. If we don’t help you meet your targets (agreed at the beginning of each project) then you don’t pay – this is a policy we have run for 17 years and we haven’t failed yet – despite some truly daunting challenges in important global technologies.

Oxford Creativity’s 19 years of experience, expertise and success combine to offer you an effective, different and proven route to sound IP investment with rapid results.

TRIZ helps me to look in more areas of the solution space, areas that I may not have considered otherwise. This increases the likelihood of generating strong patentable ideas.”

Robin Kennea
                   Systems Design & Integration | Defence Aerospace | Rolls-Royce Plc

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