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Effective TRIZ problem-solving in 5 Days!

Oxford Creativity's Basic and Advanced TRIZ teaches how the use  of traditional creativity tools stimulates idea generation, maximises concept generation and creates innovative solutions.

Basic TRIZ - theory of problem solving

DAY 1:  Fast Track TRIZ:
Introduction to Problem Solving

An introduction to and overview of the TRIZ tools, the TRIZ problem solving process and the fundamentals of creative problem solving and innovative thinking.

You learn and use the TRIZ tools for developing systems and intellectual property protection
(the TRIZ Trends of Technical Evolution) and for understanding and mapping problems and solutions (9 boxes).

DAY 2:  Solving Contradictions
& Using Resources

Learn and use the TRIZ tools for solving technical and physical contradictions (40 Inventive Principles, Separation Principles, 39 Parameters and the TRIZ Contradictions matrix), and discover how to solve problems cleverly by using what we have: our Resources.

Discover TRIZ creativity tools of Ideal Outcome, X-factor and Ideality, and learn how to use the TRIZ tools in combination to solve problems.

DAY 3:  Function Analysis, Standard Solutions & Creativity Tools

Learn the full tool-kit of TRIZ Creativity Tools for breaking psychological inertia and generating creative ideas.

Learn the powerful tool for mapping engineering systems, understanding systems and solving problems:  TRIZ Function Analysis and complete your TRIZ toolkit by learning the TRIZ Standard Solutions, simple and powerful lists for fast and effective problem solving.

eliminating harms increasing benefits with TRIZ

DAY 4:  The Problem Solving Process

The Advanced workshop concentrates on the practical application of TRIZ on difficult, real world problems. Learn how to use all the TRIZ tools together in the systematic TRIZ problem solving process, and how to define and understand problems.

Use the 9 Boxes in more advanced ways for understanding and predicting hazards and root cause problems, and how to quickly and effectively capture all needs with the Ideal Outcome.

The day finishes with a hands-on exercise stepping through problem solving process on either engineering or management issue.

DAY 5:  Facilitating TRIZ

To tackle difficult problems and generate creative solutions, you need not only a powerful toolkit and method like TRIZ, but often a facilitator to guide the process and ensure that everyone is working effectively together.

Focussing on:
The fundamentals of creative teams;
Hands-on experience in facilitating the use of individual TRIZ tools;
Understanding the role of the facilitator;
Developing facilitation skills:

Tips and techniques for encouraging everyone’s innovation


There will also be a number of creativity tools to help delegates become familiar with simple but powerful tools to help break psychological inertia. These are tools for both problem understanding and solving and are clever techniques to help get the most out of your brain.  Creative team building is central to all the exercises in these workshops and our training days are designed to make maximum use of the time available and are rigorous, interactive and challenging. Each workshop lasts 8 hours and a substantial part of each day is taken up with learning exercises.

Brain Buzz with TRIZ tools and creativity


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