Live Webinar: TRIZ for Entrepreneurs 

Increase your chances of Entrepreneurial success with simple, logical, Oxford TRIZ guidelines 

Wednesday 13 December 2:00pm (UK Time)

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Live Webinar 


40-60 minutes + Q&A

Date and Time   

Wednesday 13 December 2:00pm (UK Time)


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Karen Gadd


Being an Entrepreneur can be incredibly rewarding but also quite difficult. In this webinar Karen Gadd explains how by following the simple and logical Oxford TRIZ guidelines for Entrepreneurs you can increase your chances of success in business. 

The Oxford TRIZ Guidelines for Entrepreneurs:

  1. Recognise unmet needs and locate or invent systems to fulfil them
  2. Differentiate yourself and your product or service from others
  3. Grow your community - investors, customers, employees etc.
  4. Be disruptive - good at innovation and problem solving
  5. Think big - similar effort is needed for both big and small ideas
  6. Trust wisely - listen to criticism but keep your belief in your product's benefits and keep improving
  7. Launch low down on S-curve
  8. Do it alone AND don’t do it alone - it’s only a contradiction
  9. Intelligently anticipate and manage risks
  10. Follow your passion and foster single-mindedness
  11. Don’t be in for the money - be in it for your product or service
  12. Focus on what is important - keep detail in its place
  13. Bad things will happen - don’t be derailed but know when to quit, when to persist and when to be flexible. Failure in business comes from quitting too soon, you need good business skills so acquire them within your business. 

Delivered using our engaging signature style and specially developed for online delivery our TRIZ for Entrepreneurs Webinar is a fast-paced and lively introduction with lots of interaction and opportunity for Q&A.

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What does this webinar deliver?

  • A 40-60 minute introduction to the TRIZ tools and processes.
  • Concise information about how to apply the Oxford TRIZ guidelines for Entrepreneurs to increase your chances of success in business 
  • Plenty of time for Q&A about your own TRIZ learning journey
  • The perfect foundation to start your successful business- continue with bespoke Business Consultancy, In-house training or self-paced eLearning 

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who's heard about TRIZ...but is not sure how to apply it to business
  • Business owners and Entrepreneurs who would like to apply TRIZ to their business but aren't sure where to start
  • Those familiar with with some aspects of TRIZ but want to know more detail about how to apply the tools and processes to become a successful entrepreneur 
  • Anyone who is considering attending an Oxford TRIZ training course and wants to get a head start!


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