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Since 1999, Oxford Creativity has taken TRIZ to major companies, our client list includes Rolls-Royce, British Nuclear Group, Bentley Motors, BAE Systems, Esso, Glaxo, Nissan, Pilkington, Highways England and many more, from a wide range of industries including aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, pharmaceutical, and nuclear.

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embed triz capability, innovation and problem solving within your organisation

Oxford Creativity has successfully delivered and embedded TRIZ capability, innovation and problem solving in many major global companies (eg Rolls-Royce, Sanofi, Kraft, SBM, Doosan Babcock, BAE Systems and more) from a wide range of industries including aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, pharmaceutical, and nuclear.

A few of our case studies and newspaper articles can be found below:

embed triz capability, innovation and problem solving within your organisation

'How TRIZ changed my life .... Literally

Many of our customers, including Highways England’s successful LEAN teams and their top tier Highways England leading suppliers have recently adopted Oxford TRIZ, and now encourage their key teams to do the same. 

They all asked "Why - with our LEAN benefits - do we need Oxford TRIZ as well?” 

Read more on the TRIZ and LEAN processes case study

Highways England continues its innovation and problem solving drive by taking on the challenge of knowing where all ROAD CONES are on major roads - to help ensure that they are only out when needed. The team’s task was to come up with a system which dynamically maps all locations of road cones on major roads – and tracks where and when they are in place.  Follow the process taken here.

Highways England has commissioned Oxford TRIZ to complement their established and extensive LEAN programme which reaches several tiers into their supply chain. Although LEAN has delivered great results to Highways England there is a drive for more innovation and to speed up problem solving.  Read more on the Highways England A-ONE+ UK Case Study.

Keith Rigby, BAE Systems discusses how after having a heart attack, even with a low risk history, he has viewed his health and healing process using TRIZ Tools - 9 Boxes, Costs, Harms and Benefits, Bad Solutions Park and more to get himself back on the road to recover.  Read more on ' how TRIZ can be used to audit innovation and improve quality.'.

TRIZ was used to identify methods for significantly cutting costs for Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC). The Legal and Democratic Services (LDS) had been tasked to increase their services while reducing their cost to BCC from its present high level to zero, then to reverse this further by paying BCC from new high profits. LDS developed the “Bucks LDS Model” with the assistance of Oxford Creativity, which aims to reduce corporate funding, increase external revenue and improve efficiencies to achieve this. Read more on BCC Case Study.

A case study by Frédéric Mathis at Mars, on how he and his team used TRIZ to redesign the packaging for chocolate such as M&Ms and Minstrels. Their work resulted in a number of patents: details of one is included in the Mars case study.


Oxford Creativity ran an in-house workshop at a company that designs fire alarms. As a result of the 5 days training and problem solving, they totally redesigned their product.  Read how they did it.

Eureka Magazine included an article on Innovation Process: TRIZ developments and Tom Shelley gives a brief introduction to, and some examples of, successful uses of TRIZ in the Russian space programme, as well as outlining why it is so important that British companies use TRIZ.   Read the magazine article.

Oxford Creativity's Karen Gadd ran a workshop for Bradford University, and used TRIZ to solve an organisational problem, read the Bradford case study.

Andrew Martin discusses how to use the TRIZ tools of Thinking in Time and Space and Contradictions to capture, understand and manage real-world requirements. This article shows how TRIZ helps you manage your project life-cycle systematically, as well as give you tools to tackle problems as they occur.

Andrew Martin, one of Oxford Creativity's TRIZ Trainers and Problem Solvers, discusses how TRIZ can be used to audit innovation and improve quality.

How TRIZ can help everyone - but especially architects and engineers - become more practically creative.  Karen Gadd discusses how innovative design in our modern world comes from advances in engineering tools for design and manufacture. Anything from the fabulous complex curves of today’s cars to the wonder of Gehry’s Guggenheim museum owe much of their realisation to amazing new engineering advances which now reach beyond engineers to designers and architects and touch all society.  Read more ....

Part of problem solving is learning to solve the RIGHT problem. This case study discusses how TRIZ helped engineers in the food manufacturing industry solve their problem.

A discussion of how the aerospace industry - particularly Airbus and BAE Systems - are using TRIZ to solve their problems. One example of how some clever engineers at BAE Systems used TRIZ to solve a measurement issue is given as a case study.

Frank Gornall, BAE Systems, demonstrates how an air force requirement for the cooling duct that supplies low pressure/low temperature air installed within an equipment crate is improved using TRIZ tools of contradictions and 40 principles.

Mark Mills and his team at RSRL used TRIZ to develop a new way of producing an accurate estimate for the clean of nuclear contamination within a building at Harwell. This produced a comprehensive scope document and ensured that the problem was considered from multiple perspectives with risk, uncertainty and opportunities documented, with all stakeholders engaged and developing a shared understanding of the project. The approach has been adopted as the framework for all future cost estimation revisions.  Read the case study >>

Andrew Martin discusses how TRIZ fits with other toolkits using the Theory of Constraints and Lean as examples.  TRIZ can be thought of as a way of accessing existing excellence in problem solving. That is to say, TRIZ is not based upon completely novel ways of solving problems, but instead it works by taking existing methods and techniques no matter what domain or discipline they may be working in.  

  • 'triz future 2012':  etria European TRIZ Conference, Lisbon Portugal

The future belongs to those companies that can adapt rapidly, with effective and practical changes to the products or services they offer and in the way they do business. We can help you make use of your company's greatest assets: the knowledge, expertise and latent creativity of your employees. We do this in ways that encourage an open, cooperative and multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving and innovation.

Since 1999, Oxford Creativity has taken TRIZ to major companies - our client list includes: 

TRIZ in Action - case studies for a TRIZzy world
We have several clients who are happy to provide references for us,  please contact Karen and the team for more details.

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